A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Synagogue of Satan
"Perpetrators of Deception"

Jn 8:44            Satan is the Father of deception*lies, his children obey*worship him through perpetrating deception*lies.

Rev 2:9           They claim to be the "chosen ones" and they persecute YHVH*God's Church/Assembly. ( I omitted the word                          jew, because it was added to scriptures by anti-semitic translators.)

Mt 24:4           The Messiah, predicted the rise of those who would preach in his name the doctrines of deception*lies.

Mt 24:5
          The Messiah, also said that the vast majority of future christian ministers would be deceivers.
                        That they would deceive with deception*lies the vast majority of those who profess to be christians. Also Mk13:6                          (Even the use of the words jesus, christ and christian is incorrect terminology. Yahshua, the Messiah and                          Messianic are more accurate terms.)

Mk 13:5          The Messiah proclaimed, guard yourselves against those who would deceive you. Also 1Jn 3:7

Eph 5:5,6       These Ministers of Idolatry, deceive with empty words. They can not back up their doctrines using scriptures.

Jas 3:15         Their doctrines are based on unspiritual wisdom, which is contrived from earthly human instincts,
                        created by Satan.

Eph4:14         These Ministers use cunning craftiness to implement their deceitful schemes*doctrines.

1Jn 1:6           They are false brethren who walk in darkness and do not live by the truth.

2Ti 3:3
           False accusers despise those who are good*the law keepers.

Ps 109:2,3     They are wicked and deceitful people who verbally attack YHVH*God's servants with words of hatred.

Pr 10:18         Those who conceal their hatred have lying lips, whoever spreads slander is a fool.

Pr 12:22         Lying lips are an abomination to YHVH*God.

Pr 6:16-19
    YHVH*God hates the conceited, liars, murders, those who devise evil schemes, the lawless, false witnesses,                         and trouble makers.

Jer 7:8            Trusting in deceptive words*doctrines are futile.

1Jn 2:21         No lie comes from the truth.

Pr 26:28         A lying tongue hates those it hurts, a flattering mouth creates works of ruin.

Isa 32:7
         The methods of the deceivers are evil, they make up evil schemes to destroy the helpless with lies.

Ps 119:69      The arrogant*egotistical produce the lying words of slander.

Isa 30:9          Deceitful people are rebellious and unwilling to listen to the rebuke of YHVH*God's servants.

Ro 1:25          Those who worship before statues reject the true YHVH*God.

2Jn 1:7           The Ministers of deception*lies, do not acknowledge that the Messiah came in the flesh only, that through the                         Sacred Spirit, he overcame sin.

Mt 24:10-12   The Messiah predicted a future where many in his church would turn from the truth. These false                         prophets*ministers would betray with hatred those who are loyal to him.

Titus 1:10       These people are rebellious, mere talkers and deceivers.

Titus 1:16       They claim to know YHVH*God, but by their actions they deny him.

Titus 1:11
      They must be silenced.

Eph 5:6           Through the wrath of YHVH*God, they shall be silenced.

Rev 3:9           YHVH*God will one day make the Synagogue of Satan submit to and acknowledge his true servants.

The word synagogue, church and assembly are of the same meaning. Some people believe the use of synagogue is a reference to Judaism being the Synagogue of Satan.This is a false doctrine of anti-semitic origin, created by the True Assembly of Satan.