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Sodom and Gomorrah
"Humanities’ Rebellious Attitude"

This story in scriptures is symbolically about humanities indifference towards the mercy of Yahh. These people were defeated in war and enslaved. They were saved by Abraham because of his nephew Lot who lived among them.

Gen 19:24          Yahovah*God rained down fire from heaven (outer space), on these cities.

Gen 19:13           Yahovah*God sent two angels to punish the people who lived in these cities.

Gen 18:20          They were punished because of a grievous sin. This sin caused those who were oppressed by them to cry out to Yahovah*God
                            for justice.

Isa 1:9-17           The inhabitants of these cities practiced deceptive worship toward Yahovah*God. They oppressed the weak and defenseless.

Mt 15:8-9            They practiced verbal deception. They claim to be doing Yahovah*God's will when their actions are totally contrary to her
                             divine nature.

Eze 16:49-50     These people were arrogant, self-centered, full of pride, and unconcerned with the needs of the poor or the disadvantage.
                             Their vain egotistical attitude caused their own down fall. They did detestable things (rape) which insulted the mercy they
                             received at the hand of Yahovah.

Jer 23:14            They commit adultery (prostitution) and live a lie. They strengthened the hands of the evildoers (rapist).

Isa 1:10               These people did not obey the laws of Yahovah*God.

De 25:17,18      They were like the Amalek, who preyed upon the weak.

Ex 17:16              Yahovah*God will be at war against these people from generation to generation.

Ex 17:14              To blot out the memory (oppressive behavior), from under heaven.

Nu 24:20              These people always put themselves first, but in the end they will perish.

2Pe 2:6                The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of what is going to happen to the self-righteous (ungodly).

Jude 1:7               Eternal fire (destruction) is the future for those who are given salvation by Yahovah*God but live a life of immorality by oppressing
                              the weak with mental/spiritual rape and by perverting the laws of Yahovah*God in order to dominate, suppress, and interfere with                               one's relationship (worship).

Gen 14:1-24         Like the Messiah, giving humanity salvation (a second chance), the inhabitants of those cities were given their freedom(a second                               chance) by Abraham. These people knew they were redeemed by the power of Yahovah*God.

Gen 18:23-32       Abraham even interceded, pleaded for mercy for these people. These people took advantage of Yahovah*God's mercy,
                               they pursued their own agenda.

Gen 18:21            The two angels were sent first to be a witness to the evidence and to test their morals.

Gen 19:1-5           Showing themselves to the population, they spent some time in the the public square. All of the male inhabitants came to Lot's
                               house with the intent of raping them.

Gen 19:6-8           Lot offered his two virgin daughters in exchange for the chastity of his guest.

Gen 19:9              The men of Sodom refused this offer. And they threaten Lot with "doing worse to him".

My question is how can one "do worse to" someone if the intention is anal rape? No, Lot offered his daughters because these men were looking for vaginal sex. The only other conclusion is that the angels appeared in unigender form, they were exotic to these men. Unigender/intersex males have both sex organs, these people are very rare in the human population. The "doing worse to" is the threat to anally rape Lot. Anal intercourse was never permitted, on males or females, because it involved an area of the body used only for bodily elimination.

Dt 23:13,14          It is considered the source of uncleanliness.

Eze 4:12               It defiled the person who exposed themselves to it. Even Ezekiel said no to Yahovah*God when told to use human excrement to
                              bake with.

Rev 2:6                 In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Amalek, and the Nicolaitans all these people have a common theme which is of dominating,                               raping and destroying the weak. Yahovah*God says that he hates these people.

Rev 20:12            Final judgment will be given in the end.