A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



Breaking Chains

A greyish black stone castle lays before me on a dark cloudy day.

Winding through a curved path along a rugged terrain.

Appearing in an instant on top of a dark stone block turret.

Staring at a wild cat running a muck on the edge of its battlement.

As it rounded the corner it slipped off and hanged over the side by its nails.

Rushing over to try to help it, I notice something horrible to my left.

A rain water basin on the side of the turret had six cats half submerged in water.

As I got closer to them I noticed that they were chained by their front paws.

They were slowly struggling to free themselves but could not.

Looking wet, dirty and matted they clearly were sickly and weak.

I exclaimed, who could have done this? And who can help me save them?

All of a sudden a short old man with dark clothes appeared behind me.

Walking towards me with his hands tucked behind his back.

He said, let them be, leave them to their fate.

I was in anguish because of their hopeless condition.

But suddenly it came into my mind that I knew who could save them.

I kneeled down and prayed to Yahovah to send her Holy Spirit.

And then all seven cats rose in the air and presented themselves before me.

They looked happy and healthy with clean fluffy fur.

I was elated to see that they were all free of their predicament.

By Edward M. Bartlett Jr.