A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



No Return

Looking down from on top of a roof on a picturesque world at peace.

Watching the tanks as they drive through the streets.

On a beautiful clear sunny day when everybody should be out enjoying the day.

In the quietness of the deserted streets while rumbling sounds fill the air.

As these black steel machines slowly patrol block after block.

One must wonder that there is nothing to see.

A state of fear keeps all from seeing the dangerous trend that is unforeseen.

Ducking and hiding so as not to be seen.

From roof to roof and down to the alleys and rows of backyards.

Trying to find safety, a place called home.

Looking up into the darkness of the night without sparkle or twinkling light.

Standing on a grassy hill top surrounded by a crowd of spectators.

An orange image appears in the southwestern portion of the sky.

In the distance it starts small but grows to fill the whole sky.

Strange aircraft zoom across the glowing sky.

Cries of fear, screams of horror, shrill voices, dread blankets over all.

We are doomed! Its going to crash into the earth.

As panic sets in everyone flees into the night.

Filled with fear I stand there in amazement looking up.

What is this? A new world that now hovers above me.

By Edward M. Bartlett Jr.