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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing 9

This article is based solely on remote viewing in conjunction with the power of prophecy in gathering the information on stated persons. It is not factual data based on firsthand information from an eye witness but from a conjuncture of spirit derived info gathering. The intent of this article is not for slandering anyone or for spreading misinformation or to mislead but to give the reader an alternative outlet for knowledge. The stated date is the day on which the remote viewing session took place and not a date signifying any special meaning in regards to an event of importance, prophecy or numerology.

12-4-12 Prime Rib

Jack Law: cowardly, untrustworthy, bad habits, connected to the unscrupulous, a failure, mentally weak.

Nancy Ann Deparle: fabricator, wench, hypocrite, back stabber, silver spoon, degenerate.

Valerie Jarrett: mentally sharp, fire breather, intelligent, over achiever, ambitious.

David Plouffe: sucker, pawn, lackey, yes man, yb, gopher, going along for the ride.

Alyssa Mastromonaco: loud mouth, arrogant, unhappy, unsated, unrealistic, attack dog, fabricator, cut-throat, golden spoon,
                                    rat in a cage, an alpha type.

Pete Rouse: puppet master, spy, mole, sneak, sinister, shadow figure, manipulative.

Alan B. Krueger: a mole, outlet, career driven, Tel Aviv hustler, pawn, low self-esteem, a crier, suicidal, Switzerland, pack animal.

Katherine Abraham: knowledgeable, clever, a token, a deer that freezes in the middle of a road with a car barreling down towards it.

Kori Schulman: slurpee, bright, outgoing, courteous, polite, ambitious, connected, marshmallows.

Samantha Power: political zealot, hemorrhoids, relentless, slave mentality, unrealistic, self-destructive.

Janet Napolitano: megalomaniac, puppet master, lizard, protective, possessive, cancer.

Terrell McSweeny: “cheers”, silly, likeable, like grease, pack animal that follows its leader off a cleft.

Heidi Avery: hardworking, alert, protective, alpha type.

Barack Obama: wheelchair bound, robotic, unpolished, fantasy dweller, masquerade, connected to the unscrupulous, smart, slick.

Victoria Espinel: BJQ, like grease, a pleaser, follower, socialite, fanatic.

Brian Levine: calculated, intelligent, ambitious, problem solver.

Katelyn Sabochik: realistic, career driven. Versatile, a seeker.

Danny Werfel: likes challenges, problem solver, optimist.

Jeffrey Zients: listener, just there for the party, fame/fortune.