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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing 6

This article is based solely on remote viewing in conjunction with the power of prophecy in gathering the information on stated persons. It is not factual data based on firsthand information from an eye witness but from a conjuncture of spirit derived info gathering. The intent of this article is not for slandering anyone or for spreading misinformation or to mislead but to give the reader an alternative outlet for knowledge. The stated date is the day on which the remote viewing session took place and not a date signifying any special meaning in regards to an event of importance, prophecy or numerology.

12/4/12 – White Collar Crimes

Yury Yevgenyevich Savin

Where-a-bouts? Poti, Georgia; lives on a yaht.
Activity? CIA mole, oil industry, gambling.
Commutes? Tbilisi, Georgia (protectors), Aegean sea and Turkish northern ports.
Detail? Computer wiz, 20’s-Natasha.

Sergey Yevgenyevich Klinov
Where-a-bouts? Vanadzor,Armenia.
Activity? Mining industry, young boys (yb).
Commutes? Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Detail? Connected to Mafia in south Caucasus region.

Ramon Fonseca
Where-a-bouts? Albania/Kosovo border region.
Activity? White slavery/prostitution racket, credit card fraud.

Orlin M. Tamayo Quinonez
Where-a-bouts? Johannesburg, South Africa.
Activity? Medical field/scammer.

Juan Carralero
Where-a-bouts? Mozambique.
Activity? Scamming western “Relief Agencies” for medical services.

Craig John Oliver
Where-a-bouts? A house in northern Argentina or Tijuana Mexico.
Activity? SUV-car thief racket.
Commutes? Peru, Bolivia, Chile border regions.
Detail? Pedophilia.

Eva Maria Malczewski
Where-a-bouts? Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein.
Activity? Predator, scamming rich elderly men out of their money, blackmails married men and preys on single gullible types.
Commutes? Austria.
Detail? Snow resorts.

Farhad Fred Monem
Where-a-bouts? Istanbul, Turkey.
Activity? Taxi driver, call girl service.
Detail? Problems with cocaine, a loan shark, excess gambling.

Frank Bush Amir
Where-a-bouts? Northeastern Iran
Detail? Remote view session 11/6/11 travels from NE Iran to Uzbekistan.

David Song Sen Cui
Where-a-bouts? Residence in both Hong Kong and Singapore.
Activity? Rubber industry, export business, footwear manufacturing.
Commutes? Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia.
Detail? Sweat shops, gambler, secret dealings with various governments.