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Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing 4

This article is based solely on remote viewing in conjunction with the power of prophecy in gathering the information on stated persons. It is not factual data based on firsthand information from an eye witness but from a conjuncture of spirit derived info gathering. The intent of this article is not for slandering anyone or for spreading misinformation or to mislead but to give the reader an alternative outlet for knowledge.The stated date is the day on which the remote viewing session took place and not a date signifying any special meaning in regards to an event of importance, prophecy or numerology.

12-1-12 Leadership

James R. Clapper: sp, closet full of skeletons, manipulative whore.

Stephanie O’Sullivan: nervous, unrealistic, a pleaser, too hard on self/others.

Robert Cardillo: uptight, spiteful, impulse driven, low self-esteem.

Matthew Olsen: israeli mole, parisian hustler.

Dawn Meyerriecks: door knob, wild, like grease, “cheers”.

Deborah Kircher: trusting, fair minded.

Marilyn Vacca: lackey, filler, pawn.

Al Tarasiuk: military industrial complex mole, political whore.

Robert Litt: yb, sinister, manipulator, suicidal.

Susan Gibson: versatile, a doer, a go getter, doesn’t accept failure.

Kshemendra Paul: worthless, idiotic, a token, happy to go along for the ride.

Charles McCullough: detail oriented, socialite, adventurous.

Richard Fravel: brilliant, super-intelligent, powerful persona.
Can achieve more but is held back by unscrupulous characters.
If given unbounded powers in his pursuits the unknowns will be discovered.

Roger Mason: egomaniac, unsated, hypocritical, fabricator.

Theodore C. Nicholas: cut-throat, megalomaniac, self-glorified, saboteur.