A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"The Various Shades of Humanity"

The various shades of humanity are due to pigment that is developed through the melanin in our genes. This variation is not limited to three or four pigments (colors). Humanity was created by the Elohiym (gods) using clay not dirt. The shades of clay vary in color from light to very dark. Ultraviolet radiation (sunlight) is also a key factor in the evolution of human pigmentation. The sun gives off electromagnetic radiation (solar) which is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere of which ultraviolet light is a byproduct.

At one time there existed a canopy of vapor that surrounded the earth. It provided a greater system of filtration from the sun than the one that exists today. It is posible that because the earth had this canopy that human pigment could have been undeveloped. These preflood humans had only one color and it was albinism.

In Noah’s time the earth’s atmosphere was altered by the events of the great flood. This flood changed the earth in many ways. The most important change was to the earth’s biosphere by the removal of the canopy of vapor. This caused a shift in climate which altered the effectiveness of food supply in providing humanity with longevity. These catastrophic events caused humanity to devolve physically.

Nimrod’s rebellion also caused an alteration in humanity. In this event humanity received punishment in the form of being subdivided and dispersed. This division in humanity incorporated language and physical differences. This took place in order that humanity did not in the future receive collective punishment from above. There would always be one group of people to initiate punishment upon another for the sake of justice.

In scriptures it can be proven that humanity is uniquely subdivided. There are seventy descendants of Noah which could be equivalent to seventy races or subgroups. And through the evolutionary process of human interaction this number could be much higher. Our physical differences should be looked upon as a blessing. We are as diverse as creation itself and we are all individually unique. In our diversity we are one.

Ac 17:23-26      Yahh the father who is unknown to the world has made all things through his divine power. And through the                             descendants of one man (Noah) has created all of the races of humanity.

Ro 2:11              Yahovah*God does not show favoritism.

Ac 10:34-35      Yahovah*God shows no partiality and accepts people from all races. Especially of those that show reverence
                           (fear) and do what is right by keeping the law.

Mt 3:8-10           Put no confidence in lineage (race). Ancestry is of no value.

Tit 3:9-11           Avoid foolish controversies pertaining to genealogies (race) which only leads to division. Those who have a
                           fixation on race or promote racial superiority are self condemned because their minds are warped by the sin of pride.

Ro 2:28-29        Outward appearance is of no advantage in Yahovah*God's sight.
                            What is of value is the inner person which has been changed by the Spirit.
                            We are to seek approval from Yahovah*God only and not from people who base their approval on
                            appearances (vanity/racism).

Php 3:3              Put no confidence in the flesh (race).

Ro 11:1,11        Yahovah*God has not rejected the Jewish people and does not reject anybody based on race.

Jer 17:5             Cursed is anyone who puts their confidence in man (humanism),
                           or who relies on flesh (race) for there strength.

Jn 6:63              The Spirit gives life and the flesh (race) counts for nothing.

Isa 56:3-7          Yahovah*God's house is for all people (races) who desire to worship and keep her laws and sabbaths.

Ps 22:27-28      Yahovah*God's Kingdom will include all the families (races) of humanity.