A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"Satan The Goddess of Heaven"

Ra is a Hebrew word that means evil, bad, wickedness. It is also the name of an Egyptian goddess who's symbol was the sun (morning star). She is a Queen mother of spiritual beings as well as human beings. She is one of the two cherubs whose appearance is portrayed in the "Ark of the Covenant." The other cherub who is on the opposite side is Yahovah. They are the wives of Yahh the father who sits before all on the "Mercy Seat". Ra has altered her wisdom into folly. She has created a parallel world that is in opposition to Yahovah. She has destroyed all that have been infected by her evil power. This has culminated in the "Apostasia" which means divorce.

Eze 28:12-17         Yahh the father created Ra who is called Satan in righteous perfection. Yahh annointed her as a Guardian Cherub over                                 Eden (Earth). This "Mother Goddess" turned her natural state of mind from righteousness to wickedness.Through vanity
                                (self glorification) and pride (selfish ambition) she corrupted the wisdom (truth) that was in her.

Satan is a Greek word that means adversary, one who opposes. Diabolos is a Greek word translated as devil which means slanderer or false accuser. Daimon is the greek word for demon, an evil spirit,a devil.

Prv 2:16-19            Ra the adulteress forgets the pact (covenant/marriage) with Yahh.

Prv 7:9-27              She is queen of prostitution and slays those who give her their blind allegiance.

Prv 9:13-18            Folly is Ra/Satan who sets out to seduce the world.

Eph 6:12                Ra/Satan is called in the Greek "kosmokrator" which means ruler of the world.

Isa 14:12                Satan is called Lucifer which means "Morning Star." (sun)

Rev 12:4                 She is a Queen over one third of all angels (stars).

Job 1:6-8                She has authority to participate in the assembly that gathers before the throne of Yahh the Father in heaven.

Mt 12:24                 Beelzebub is ruler of the spiritual entities called demons. Beelzebub means Lord of the house (kingdom).

Rev 2:13                 Her throne is established over the earth.

Mt 4:8-9                  Satan has authority and kingship over all the kingdoms (countries) of the world.

Eph 2:2                   She rules a kingdom of spirits (air).

1Jn 5:19                  She controls the whole world.

2Th 2:7                    She is the secret power behind lawlessness (sin).

Heb 2:14-15           Satan holds the power of death (Maveth). This power causes sin to occure which leads to death.

Ac 26:18                 The Blind are in the darkness. This is the deception of Satan's power.

Rev 12:9                 She deceives the whole world.

Jn 8:44                    She is the mother of lies (Apsinthos) and murder (Maveth).

Rev 2:24
                She seduces with deep secrets (fabricated lies).

1Ti 4:1                    She is a deceiving spirit causing Yahovah*God's servants to abandon the truth (Yahshua) for lies (Apsinthos).

Mk 4:15                  She takes away the word of truth that was sown in the minds of those called by Yahovah*God.

2Co 11:14              Satan transforms herself into an angel of light.

Job 1:12                 Ra/Satan acquires the authority to test Yahovah's servants.

Zec 3:1-2                Accusing (slander/labeling) them before their appointed time of judgement.

1Ch 21:1                She provokes (instigates) a reaction causing someone to stumbling by sinning.

Lk 22:31                 She desires/covets (Lilith) Yahovah*God's servants through sifting (trials).

2Co 2:11                She tries to outwit/conquer (Apollyon) through schemes (Apsinthos).

1Pe 5:8                  Satan the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (Maveth).

So stay alert, stay awake, stay alive. With self-controll (discipline) you will be ready to confront your attacker.

Pr 28:15                 An evil ruler is like a roaring lion who oppresses the helpless (blind).

Lk 13:16                Satan binds by cursing mankind with illnesses and disease.

1Th 2:18                She hinders Yahovah*God's servants.

1Co 7:5                 Through lack of self-control some are taken captive. This is done by surrendering their free-will to religious imposters.

1Ti 5:13-15           Through idleness and lack of discipline some are turned by Ra/Satan into her followers. This is accomplished through                                laziness and instead of researching scriptures themselves, they rely on others to lead them.

Lk 22:3                  Ra/Satan enters into the minds of her followers. also Jn 13:27

Ac 5:3                    Satan fills by entering the mind to oppose YHVH*God's Spirit - changing the individual into her disciple.

Rev 2:9                  The synagogue (assemble) of Satan opposes Yahovah*God's true servants.

2Co 11:13-15       Satan's servants masquerad by living a lie. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

Jn 16:14                Satan is Queen of this world who stands condemned through the sacrifice of the Messiah.

1Ti 3:6                   Her conceitedness (selfishness/ego) caused her own down fall.

1Co 15:54-57
      Death has been swallowed up in victory. The power of death (Satan) is swallowed up (conquered) by Victory which is
                               the Messiah.

Rev 20:10             Satan the devil is thrown into the lake of fire to be tormented forever.