A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



Future Events 5

This is my testimony of things that have come into my mind, from above. These events are not my fantasies, nor are they my desires.
I do not condone or promote any individual who tries to implement these events or who takes part in them.
The dates that are above each compilation, is not the predicted date of these events. They are dates of when I decided to expose them.
Nor are they the dates when I received them. These events are not in the order that they will occur.

September 3, 2011

Barack Obama shall win re-election as president of USA.

The overthrow of the ruling Hashemite Royal Family in the country of Jordan and the rebirth of Midian.

The restoration of Maya as an independent country.

The largest typhoon ever to exist shall hit Guam and the surrounding islands.