A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



Future Events 11

This is my testimony of things that have come into my mind from above. These events are not my fantasies, nor are they my desires. I do not condone or promote any individual who tries to implement these events or who takes part in them. The date that is above the compilation is not the predicted date of the event. It is the date of when I decided to expose it. Nor is it the date when I received it.

October 20, 2012

Iranian Tears

Outside of the city a plan is set in motion.

A package in a locker is retrieved for this day and hour.

A dirty white car drives off to its destination.

Pulling into a parking spot on a street by a wall west of a river it awaits.

Staring out of a window on high he motions the driver that it is time.

Making his way down to the yard and through the alley he makes his escape.

As the blue car sets off a voice inside says mission accomplished.

Pulling away in stealth the blemished car spins around the block.

One last chance to take a tour of the prize before heaven awaits.

Driving west on an eastern bound street he finds his mark.

Crashing into the corner, it does not explode.

What is inside? Why did it not ignite?

Fear and panic has given time to flee.

As the clock ticks away, the danger is not comprehended.

It is the first of its kind.

Persian Gulf

Vortex of power, sea of vanquish.

Divine retribution, crashing waves.

Rising tension, fallen power.

Choppy waters, swirling wind.

Western democracy, twisted logic.

Splashing water, a show of arms.

Armada of strength, floating hypocrisy.

Wars through shadows, birds of prey.

Masquerade of darkness, falling out of the sky.

Shattered egos, shattered vessels.

Suburban Station

Mules of prey, mangled lives.

Dark eyes, worthless souls.

Hidden intentions, neat and clean.

Backpacks of destruction, passage ways of death.

Fulfilling destiny, solidifying faith.

To each a pillar, columns of smoke.

Together in revenge, tomorrow in disgust.

Shattered ground, sunken security.

Stoke the flames, devouring fire.