A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Vortex 2


1     A vision of the prophet Obadiyah.

2     Yahovah declares; hear and obey the good news message of the Adonayah Yahovih (Yahshua).

3     An Edomite nation and a group of nations shall send forth their envoys to make war plans. A great nation of many peoples
       shall dominate the earth with arrogance. O King, in the haughtiness of your mind you say; we are a fortress of strength and
       power who can stand in our way?

4     Yahovah is like an eagle in the sky that surveys the land. She sees all that you do.

5     Protect yourselves from the morning star (Apsinthos) and the thief (Apollyon) who shall come in the night to steal the grapes
        from the harvester.

6     One of Esau’s tribes is masquerading; they are on the hunt for prey.

7     Two kings shall make an alliance to overcome their common enemy. They shall spy out its borders before setting the trap.
       They have conspired together to wound their enemy by stealth before the invasion.

8      Yahovah declares; on the day of Abaddon (Apollyon), mount Teman of Esau shall use evil intent to betray and slaughter
        the innocent.

9     O house of Teman, why did your mighty warriors rush forth to exterminate a nation?

10   O Destroying Mountain, why are you trying to exterminate your brethren the descendants of Yahkov? This shameful act shall
        be remembered forever in infamy.

11   Who shall endure the day of Neker (Apollyon) when his forces enter the gates of Yahrusalem? The day the nations united
        to divide the city by lot.

12   On the day of Neker when disaster over toke your brethren the Israelites you O Teman were a betrayer. On the day of
        Abaddon you rejoiced over the demise of the people of Yehudah. On the day of Tsarah (Apsinthos) you gloated with pride
        as the people of Yahisrael were crushed.

13   But on the day of Eyd (Gabriyahel) O Teman, retribution shall enter your gates. On the day of Eyd the power of the Cherub
        Ra shall be removed. On the day of Eyd the forces of evil shall be defeated.

14   And the plunderer shall not escape. O Archangel of Destruction (Apollyon), your day is coming to a close and your end is near!

15   Yahovah declares; may your evil turn back upon you O Teman! The Nations in whom you are allied with shall abandon you
        and your reward for your complicity has arrived.

16   The nations who interrupted the daily sacrifices and desecrated the sacred Temple shall be vanquished. Their plans shall fail.

17   The house of Yahkov shall repossess Mount Zion and the sacred Temple.

18   The house of Yehowceph (Joseph) and the house of Yehudah (Judah) shall unite as the house of Yahkov (Jacob). And in
        those days they shall be like a devouring fire which shall consume to ashes the remnants of the house of Teman (Esau).

19   They shall together repossess the mountains and valleys of their ancestors. From the Philistine land in the west to Gilead
        beyond the Jordan River in the east. From Ephraim in the north with the cultivated lands of Samaria to the desert areas of the
        Negev in the south.

20   The remnants of Yahisrael shall take back their land from the northern border to its southern. The refugees of war shall purify
        themselves from lawlessness. They shall separate themselves from the sons of Cain.

21   The Kingdom of Yahovah shall possess the mountains (nations). And Mount Zion shall sit in judgment over the mountains
        (nations) of the world.