A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"God of the Water and Death"

Maveth is a Hebrew word which is translated into the English as death. He is the “God of Water” and the angel of death. As the the angel of death he is the avenger or enforcer of the laws of heaven and earth. But like his mother Ra/Satan he has polluted his righteousness. He is the first born son of Ra/Satan and makes all who are affected by him unstable as water. Maveth’s sins are hypocrisy, stubbornness or hard headedness which leads to a lack of mercy or compassion, murder or killing the innocent, irresponsibility which is a “Don’t Care Attitude”. Maveth is also the patronage god of Egypt/Africa and of all the Arabic/Islamic peoples.

1Cor 14:33       Yahovah*God is not the author of confusion/chaos. The “Author” or creator is Ra/Satan and “Chaos“ is Maveth.

Akatastasia is a Greek word meaning confusion, chaos, instability and Akatastatos a similar word means unstable.

Jas 1:8              A double minded person is unstable in all their ways.

Azazel Goat

Azazel is a Hebrew word which means the barer of sins or scapegoat. This word is used in conjunction with the “Day of Atonement” where two goats are selected to bare the sins of Israel. This event represents a future prophecy which has not taken place of yet. The “Day of Atonement” is a day of retribution upon Apollyon who is represented by the goat that is slaughtered by the high priest and the other goat is Maveth which is the goat (Azazel) that is sent away into the wilderness until “Judgment Day”. This Azazel goat is polluted with the sins of humanity.

Lev 16:7-21      This is the ritual of expelling the sins of the people which is placed upon the head of the Azazel goat. This goat is lead out to a                            barren place near a hill top and let go. This symbolizes a future imprisonment of all who fall into this category of hypocrisy.
                           This prison is on the mountainous area of “Petra”. This area is the future encampment of “Geheena” the place of purification
                           by fire.

Isa 34:6             The slaughter of the goats at Bozrah (which is another name for Petra) in the land of Edom.

2Cor 6:14         Do not be yoked together (mix company) with unbelievers (those who are fake). For what does righteousness and wickedness                            have in common?

Mt 25:31-46      The separation of the sheep and the goats.

Eze 34:17         Judgment is between the bulls and cattle, goats and sheep. Attuwd in Hebrew means goats.

Zec 10:3            Punishment is rendered against the Shepherds (Ministers) and the goats.

Jer 50:8             And out of Babylon, I (Yahovah) will remove the goats from among my flock (sheep).

Water purifies those who enter into it and this is the symbolism of baptism. The sins committed by humanity are to be contained in the watery grave of baptism and this is the whole meaning of “Azazel” the goat used in the “Day of Atonement”. No one can become clean of wrong doing (sin/corruption) through Maveth because you can’t be purified by dirty water. But in baptism one can leave behind their sins in the water (Maveth) when they are submerged. This is the meaning behind the Azazel goat of the ritual of the Day of Atonement.



Maveth (Azazel) is the cause of hypocricy or uneven judgment. He has distorted the law through being double minded about the implementation of justice. A two standard approach is the corrupt thinking of those who are hypocritical. Those who have bonded with the Azazel goat become just like him (Maveth). These people are like goats one minute they are nice the next minute they are causing problems. They are rebels with one foot in righteousness and one foot in wickedness.

Isa 64:6            All hypocritical righteousness are as filthy rags to Yahovah.

Mt 6:24             No one can serve two masters. Also Lk 16:13

2Cor 6:14        Do not be yoked together (mix company) with unbelievers (those who are fake). For what does righteousness and wickedness                           have in common?

Mt 23:15           Woe unto you teachers and ministers, you who are hypocrites! Converting (subverting) others so they may become just like                           you. Also Lk 11:44

Mt 23:13           Woe unto the religious leaders who are hypocrites! You who withhold the truth so that no one is able to enter the "Kingdom
                          of Heaven." Also Mt 23:1-39

Isa 9:17            No mercy shall be shown unto the hypocrites for they are evil doers.

Isa 10:6            Hypocritical people will one day receive punishment from above.


The Careless Rebels

Chaneph is a Hebrew word which means to be a hypocrite. Hypocrites claim to be righteous but are frauds. They dwell in an unrealistic reality by refusing to fully believe in the truth. These people are called in scriptues stiff-necked, hardheaded, stubborn, and the rebellious. Oreph is a Hebrew word meaning to be stiff-necked, stubborn and also means those who are closed minded.

Jer 7:26            Those who do not listen to the truth from Yahovah*God are called stiff-necked and evil.

Jer 17:23          Those who are stiff-necked do not listen or pay attention (they just don't care) or respond to correction (discipline).

Jer 18: 17         Yahovah*God shall not show them mercy or protect them on the day of their calamity (The Great Tribulation).

Jer 19:15          Yahovah the God of Israel says to listen to her. She will bring disaster on all who are stiff-necked and refuse to listen to her                            words. The words she has sent to humanity through her servants.

Mt 24:51           Yahshua will put to death all who are hypocrites and assign their after life with those who weep and gnash their teeth in                           Geheena.


Cain the Lawless One

Anomia is the Greek word for iniquity or lawlessness. Lawlessness means without a law or without rules. Their are those who preach in christianity that the "Law of Moses" has been done away with or nailed to the cross. These people are wrong and will one day be judged by that same law that they took for granted. The "Law of Moses" was an agreement given to Moses and Israel/Humanity by Yahovah through the angel Michael (Yahshua). This agreement or law is the foundation of worship/reverence towards Yahovah.

1Jn 3:12           Cain belonged to the evil one (Maveth).

2Tim 3:5           The lawless one's have a form of godliness, but they are frauds.

1Jn 3:15           Anyone who has unwarranted hatred towards others is a murderer.

2Th 2:9             Maveth (Satan) works in those who are lawless.

2Th 2:7             The secret power of lawlessness shall continue to ( do it's) work until it (Maveth) is taken out of the way.


Egypt the Leviathan

Rev 6:5             The "Pale Green Horse" had "Death" (Maveth) as its rider. This horse represents Egypt/Afro-Islamic people.

Eze 32:2-16      Egypt is likened to a dragon in the Nile river whose arogants/pride is punish by the "Sword" (Apollyon/Assryia) of Babylon                            (Ra/Gog).

Isa 27:1             On the "Day of Yahovah" A fierce, great and powerful sword (Apollyon/Assyria) will punish Leviathan (Egypt) the violent serpent                            of the water.

Dan 11:1-45     The "King of the South" is Egypt and their Allies (Islamic peoples).

Ps 74:13-14     The power of the Leviathan (Egypt) is crushed by the Beast (Apollyon/Assyria) of the wilderness (Trees/Nations).

Rev 16:4-6        Maveth is the angel in charge of the waters and submits to Yahovah after he has been punished. This also means that Islam
                           will one day incorporate and submit to the teachings of Yahwayism.

Rev 20:1-3        Yahshua the great angel locks up Ra/Satan in the "Abyss" (Water) for a thousand years (Generations). Maveth holds Ra/Satan                            in the watery prison and so he survives/spared from punishment.

Rev 20:7-8        Maveth releases Ra/Satan and joins in the second rebellion against Yahovah*God and this also fails.

Rev 20:11         The "Great White Throne" is judgment day for Maveth.

Rev 20:13         The "Sea" (Maveth) and "Hades/Earthly Grave" (Lilith) are final forced to release the souls of the dead for jugdment.

Rev 20:14         Death (Maveth) and Hades (Lilith) are thrown into the "Lake of Fire" (Geheena) which is the "Second Death"(Gabriel).
                           This is the final judgment on Maveth for his rebellious ways.

Rev 21:1           The first heaven (Ra/Satan) and the first earth (Lilith) had passed away and there was no longer a sea (Maveth).