A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"Goddess of Earth and Covetousness"

Lilith is from Liyliyth which means screech owl (Isa 34:14). It is the name of a female goddess known in ancient times as a night demon who haunts desolate places. She is the power behind the grave (Sheol/Hades) and her power is in covetousness which is slavery, addiction, and the desire for absolute power through materialistic/capitalistic control.

Gen 3:1-15          The Serpent in the garden who seduced Eve was Lilith. Lilith is the "Tree of Death" which is also called the tree of the                               knowledge of good (Hypocrisy/Maveth) and evil (Greed/Lilith). This event in the garden was an act of rebellion but it was
                              also an agreement or covenant between humanity and Lilith/Maveth (Sheol/Death).

Gen 3:14              The Serpent/Lilith is cursed to remain bound to the earth and eat the dust. This eating of dust means that she consumes                               humanity at their deaths.

Ecc 3:21               Both the souls of humanity and of the animals will descend down into the earth (Sheol/Lilith). Who knows if they will ascend                               (be restored)?

Prv 15:24             The way of life (Yahovah) leads upwards, So depart from the ways of Sheol (Lilith) that leads downward.

Isa 28:14-15        Yahovah will one day bring to an end the covenant that humanity has made with Hades/Sheol (Lilith) and Death (Maveth).

Hos 13:14            I-Yahovah will ransom my servants from the power of the grave (Lilith).


Lilith is the Goddess of Sheol/Hades and of covetousness that comes by the way of materialistic power. Sheol is a Hebrew word which means the grave. It is where all humans go after death. Those who enter Sheol are a sleep and not conscience of anything. Sheol is a place of containment for all until "Judgement Day."

Job 17:13            The grave (Sheol) is an area of nothingness.

2Ch 34:28           Sheol is a place of peaceful rest.

Ps 31:17              Those in Sheol sit in silence. Also Ps 88:11 and Isa 38:18.

Ps 6:5                   In death/grave your memories vanish, you have no consciousness.

Job 24:19            Sheol (The grave) is for those who have sinned.

Isa 14:15              The grave (Sheol) is a dungeon (Bowr).

Isa 5:14                The grave (Sheol) opens wide her mouth to receive the souls of those who obey not the laws (Choq-the law of Moses).

Isa 14:9                The grave (Sheol/Lilith) is awakened to excitement to greet the "Goats" of the nations before her throne in the earth.

Ps 89:48              No one can escape death (Maveth), nor deliver themselves from the power of the grave (Lilith).

Ps 49:15              Yahovah*God shall redeem the souls of her faithful from the power of the grave (Sheol). Also Hos 13:14 and 1Cor 15:55.


Sheol comes from the Hebrew word "Shaal" which means to desire, to covet, to seek and demand. The power of covetousness is perpetrated through physical, mental and economic control. It is slavery through addiction by a materialistic, economic or psychological dependency. It is also the desire to be in control by the means of monopolization of human resources.

Ex 20:17              Thou shall not covet. Also Dt 5:21.

Mk 7:21-23          It is a deadly sin which effects the mind of those who embrace it.

Mic 2:2                 Through covetness (Lilith) and violence (Apollyon) are the defenseless held in captivity.

Jer 6:13                The sins of those who are greedy for gain (covetous) are that they use fraud/coercion. This is also through charismatic                               leaders who use verbal hypnosis.

Prv 28:16             Those who rule over others with covetousness are called oppressors.

Ps 10:3                The wicked boast of their mind's desire (covetousness) to control others. Yahovah*God abhores such people.

Lk 16:14               Religious leaders covet or desire control over humanity.

Eze 33:31            Fake "Shepherds" (religious leaders) are only after covetousness (power/authority).

Hab 2:9                Those who desire to sit over others (power of covetness) are evil.

2Pe 2:14              False Ministers (religious leaders) seduce the unstable with minds trained in greed (covetousness).

Ps 49:13-14        The destiny of those who put their confidence in wealth is Sheol.

1Cor 5:10-11       True believers (disciples) are not to keep company with those who embrace covetousness.

Jer 17:10              I-Yahovah alone probes the mind to test it and to reward everyone according to their ways and according to the merits of
                               their actions.

Ex 18:21               Covetousness is a disqualification character trait for leadership.

1Cor 6:10             Those who desire to control others (Covet) will have no part in Yahovah*God's kingdom. Also Eph 5:5.


Capitalism is a modern system of economic slavery. It preys on the weak and vulnerable making them into merchandise for the sake of greed/covetousness. It has destroyed the lives of many through creating a false sense of security for those who put their trust in money. As long as the participant is healthy and obedient does capitalism work but once one is deemed unprofitable they are no longer able to survive. Capitalism discards the weak as worthless and they are considered a drain on its economy. Even with a welfare system implement to be a safety net, it does not guarantee a decent standard of living. "Global Capitalism" is another form of economic slavery. It takes jobs away from the host country to an impoverished part of the world to take advantage of cheap/slave labor. A "One World Government" based on capitalism will ultimately fail.

Lev 25:39-43        A law against oppressive enslavement and taking advantage of the misfortunate.

Lev 25:1-7            Every seventh year their is to be no profit stemming from field production. It is a sabbatical year of free food for everyone.                                Also Ex 23:10-11.

Lev 25:8-10          The Jubilee year of liberty is every forty-ninth year. It is the return of all ancestral estates to their original owner and the                                release (forgiveness) of debts.

Lev 25:23              The whole world belongs to Yahovah*God and we are all just tenants. This law is anti-monopoly of private property.                                Everyone has a right to a permanent residence and land for agriculture.

Joseph's Sin

Joseph was the son of the Prophet Jacob who is the patrarch of the people of Israel. Joseph was also a prophet and became the second most powerful person in Egypt. He was blessed by Yahovah*God with knowledge and with the understanding of dreams. He was enslaved by his brothers and sold to the Egyptians out of sibling jealousy. In his rise to power in Pharoah's government he forgot his humble beginnings as a slave. Joseph would eventually take advantage of a national tragedy to enslave the people of Egypt. In the course of time after Joseph's death this system of slavery would engulf the people of Israel and the tables would be turned on them.

Gen 37:3-11           Sibling rivalry against Joseph.

Gen 37:26-28        Judah sells Joseph into slavery for profit.

Gen 41:35              Food is gathered for an impending famine.

Gen 41:55              Joseph and the Israelites were given power over the food reserves.

Gen 41:36              The food reserve was to be used to sustain all people living in Egypt.

Gen 47:13-15        Joseph monopolized the wealth of the Egyptian poor as well as the surrounding nations.

Gen 47:22              The Elite of Egypt were exempt from predatory capitalism.

Gen 47:20-21        The people were reduced to slavery by economical warfare
Gen 41:57              Through a food monopoly Joseph garnished power over the world economy because of a global shortage of food.

Ex 1:8-14                The tables are turned on Israel because of their abuse of power. Capitalistic monopoly of nature resources in order to                                  enslave and control (covetousness) is a crime against humanity and the laws of Yahovah*God. Covetousness will in the                                  end result in punishment from above and by those below.


Hades is a Greek word meaning goddess of the lower regions, the nether world and the grave. Hades in the English Bible is mistranslated as hell. Geheena is the Greek word meaning hell fire or the second death. Hades should be rendered as the grave which is the domain of Lilith.

Mt 23:15                  The religious leaders make their followers into disciples of Hades (Lilith).

Prv 7:27                   Those who dwell in Ra*Satan's house descend into the grave (Lilith's domain) into the inner chambers of death/decay.

Prv 15:11
                Humanity perishes in Hades but not the children of Yahovah*God.

Ps 30:3                    Yahovah shall save (restore) the souls from the grave (Hades/Lilith).

Ps 49:15                  Yahovah will redeem her servants from the "Power of the Grave/Hades" (Lilith).

Rev 1:18                  Yahshua the Messyah has the keys (power) to Hades (Lilith) and Death (Maveth).

1Cor 15:55              O death (Maveth) where is thy sting (power)? O Hades (Lilith) where is thy victory (conquest)? Also Hos 13:14. In
                                  scriptures Lilith is often mention in conjunction with Maveth. Lilith is called in the Old Testament "Tsalmaveth" a Hebrew                                   word meaning the "Shadow of Death".

Mt 16:18                   Yahshua said, I will build my church and the gates of Hades (Lilith) shall not have dominion over it.

Capitalistic Slavery

Lilith is the goddess of earth and is called "Mother Earth" in some religious circles. She blesses her servants with materialism and with the desire to control the weak through monetary gain. She is the patron goddess of those who are the descendants of Israel, Judah and Edom. These people reside in Israel, USA, UK/Commonwealth, Turkey and Central/South America. They were also blessed with material wealth by Yahovah through the patriarch Abraham. These nations have horded the wealth of the world (covetousness) through promoting the deceptive system of capitalism by a corrupt institution called democracy.

Eze 23:1-49            The futuristic punishment of the UK/Commonwealth and USA (Oholah) and of Israel/Jews (Oholibah) for being addicted
                                  to prostitution.

Eze 16:63                This prostitution consist of paying customers for their loyality (verse 33,34) as a means of economic control in a game
                                  of world domination. This is the ongoing policy of paying nations for them to become "Allies".

Rev 6:8                     The "Green Horse", the last and fourth horse is Death/Maveth (Egyptian/Islamic Alliance) in confederation with Hades/Lilith                                   (English/Jewish Alliance). This horse or confederation does not stay united and turns on each other.

Ps 83:1-9                 The Islamic Alliance turns on Israel (Jewish Nation and UK/USA) with the help of Assyria (Europe/Christianity) and Edom's                                   (Hispanic/Turkish peoples)betrayal.

Rev 20:14                 Hades/Lilith is cast into the lake of fire (Geheena) on "Judgment Day" (verse 11).