A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"The Rulers of this Present World Order"


1-Title: cherub/goddess of heaven and tainted love.

2-Alias: lucifer, ishtar, the dragon, babylon the great.

3-Laws: thou shall unconditionally love, seduce and corrupt.

4-Adherents: enchantress, enchanter, spiritualist, politicians, hypnotist, seducers, pleasers, prostitutes, political whores, entertainment stars (comedy, film and music) and the naive, etc.

5-Sacrificial Offering: acquiring a victim's trust and blind allegiance through the sway of illumination, oratory skills and entertainment and to also blindly follow.

6-Acts of Worship: enchantment, charm, flattery, seduction, promiscuity, prostitution, harlotry, soothsaying, whitewashing, hypnosis, persuasiveness, compromise, immorality, non-accountability, contamination (food that is prohibited by dietary laws), corruption, indecisiveness, apathy, indifference, leader worship, naiveness, blind obedience, crowd pleasing, attention seekers, showing off, popularity contests, vanity, adultery, socialism, liberalism, buddhism, etc.


1-Title: archangel/goddess of air and illusion.

2-Alias: ashtoreth, diabolos.

3-Laws: thou shall lie, deceive and create falsehood.

4-Adherents: magicians, psychic conartist, charlatans, astrologers, fantasy seekers, unethical experts/scientist, the gullible, etc.

5-Sacrificial Offering: to lead astray the unsuspecting by altering reality/truth into fantasy.

6-Acts of Worship: magic, fantasy, to lie, to mislead, masquerading, fabricate, play mind games, trickery, fakeness, horoscope, astrology, myth making, the delusional, role playing, democracy, suicide, bitterness, drama queen, image worship, idolatry, praying to saints, lucky charms/medallions, flag honoring, christianity, etc.


1-Title: archangel/god of water and murder.

2-Alias: baal, baalzebub, satan, leviathan, chemosh, thanatos/death.

3-Laws: thou shall murder, rebel and create chaos.

4-Adherents: wizards, fortune tellers, antagonist, narcissist, usurpers, rebels, anarchist, unethical lawyers, etc.

5-Sacrificial Offering: to murder or unjustly kill: to denounce or hinder all who get in the way of one's ego; to twist the truth and oppose legitimacy.

6-Acts of Worship: wizardry, divination/fortune telling, murder, perversion, hypocrisy, contradiction, rebellion, insurrection, argumentative, debative, combative, obstinate, stubbornness, backstabbing, betrayal, jealousy, rivalary, two-faced, double standards, feuds, grudges, devil’s advocate, communism, anarchy, insurrection, islam, etc.


1-Title: archangel/goddess of earth and lust.

2-Alias: hades, sheol, baalah, tsalmaveth, asherah, skia skotos.

3-Laws: thou shall covet, control and enslave.

4-Adherents: witches, necromancer, mediums, slave drivers, control freaks, drug dealers, psychologist, capitalist, etc.

5-Sacrificial Offering: the enslavement and control of the weak through manipulation and reliance.

6-Acts of Worship: witchcraft, necromancy/mediumship, manipulation, extreme pessimism, disruptive behavior, bitchy, mean spirited, domineering, addiction, slavery, dependency, possessive obsessions, sexual lust, greed, covetousness, psychology, unsatiatedness, economic wars, materialism, capitalism, elitism, neo-paganism, judaism, etc.


1-Title: archangel/god of fire and thievery.

2-Alias: molech, moloch, milcom, tammuz, abaddon.

3-Laws: thou shall steal, rape and conquer.

4-Adherents: sorcerer, sorceress, extortioner (ess), dictators, warlords, psychic readers, sex predators, schemers, terrorist, unethical law enforcement officers, etc.

5-Sacrificial Offering: the victimization of those deemed inferior.

6-Acts of Worship: sorcery, spell casting, robbery, thievery, rape, sexual conquests, scapegoating, name calling/ethnic slurs, scape-goating, verbal intimidation and abuse, shouting, obscenities, emanate domain laws/illegal eviction, physical assault, terrorism, wars of aggression, self-hate, laziness, free-loading, taking advantage, exploitation, usery, unwarranted sponging off of society, price gouging, competition, cheat, extortion, fascism, dictatorships, racial or ethnic supremacy, nazism, hinduism, etc.