A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"Human Self Empowerment"

Pro 28:26             Whoever trusts in themselves is a fool or Whoever trust in their unspiritual human reasonings is a fool.

Ps 14:1                The fool says in their mind, that YHVH*God does not exist. They are of corrupt thinking, their deeds are evil and their is no                               righteousness in them. Also Ps 53:1

Ps 10:4                 In their pride the wicked does not seek YHVH*God. In all their thoughts, there is no room for YHVH*God.

Jer 17:9                The human mind is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.

Job 28:12,13       True spiritual wisdom and understanding*comprehension does not exist among humanity.

Jer 10:23              Humanity does not have the mental ability to successfully direct*control it's own destiny. It was never intended for humanity to                               direct*control it's own destiny.

Isa 64:6                 All acts of righteousness inspired by humanism*self-righteousness are but filthy rages before YHVH*God.

Jude 1:10
            Like animals of instinct, humanity speaks abusively against things they can not comprehend.

2Pe 2:12              The mentality of humanity is identical to that of animals*brute beasts.

Ecc 3:18-19         Mankind is no different than the animals, humanity has no advantage over the animals. When tested, humanity's actions are no                               different than the behavior of an animal.

Ro 7:18                Humanity controlled by human instinct*humanism can never achieve the ability to produce righteousness. They can never achieve
                              the perfection of character needed for a utopian world of peaceful co-existence.

Mt 11:25              YHVH*God has hidden spiritual knowledge from the institutional educated.

1Co 1:19,20        YHVH*God has caused the wisdom of the educated elite to fail. Also Isa 29:14

Isa 64:7                YHVH*God has hidden his existence from humanity because they have chosen to live in sin, they choose to live with a rebellious                               attitude.

Gal 1:11,12          YHVH*God has revealed his spiritual wisdom and knowledge to his servants only.

Eph 1:17              Through the Spirit of Wisdom*Yahshua, YHVH*God reveals himself.

1Sam 3:7             YHVH*God must first reveal himself to someone inorder for someone to receive this knowledge.

Mt 11:27               The Messiah, Yahshua, the son of YHVH*God, chooses his servants for this gift of revelation.

1Co 1:27,28         YHVH*God chose the weak*humble of humanity -why? To shame the wise*proud. Why?

1Co 1:29              So that no one will be conceited*boastful in his presence.

Mt 20:16               So those who are last in this life time will be first in the next and those who are first in this life time will be second.
                              Also Mt 19:30, Mk 10:31, Lk 13:30

1Co 15:22,23      There is a structured order of YHVH*God's plans. Also 1Co 14:40

Isa 50:10,11         Those who create their own light*wisdom and do not rely on the spiritual wisdom of YHVH*God, will receive torment*shame.