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revelations from YHVH*God.


"The Destructive Nature of Hate"

Homophobia leads to an irrational fear and hate in those who have been misguided by it. It should have never been a normal prevailing attitude in humanity. It has been perpetrated by those with a “Nicolaitan” persuasion. Those with this type of character trait hinder anyone from exploring self determination. The elitist few in society have always been the controlling factor in the oppression of those who are deemed as undesirable. Hundreds of millions over the last two millenniums have received persecution and death for expressing their divine given right of self will.

Humanity was given a new discriminatory influence by the creation of Christianity in 325 AD. This religion was created by the roman emperor “Constantine the First”. He presided over a religious body that incorporated ancient paganism with the elements of an already corrupted mutation of the true faith preached by Yahshua the messiah. This hybrid faith with its organization is based on hierarchy which has no room for an open society where there is freedom of thought.

A doctrine (teaching) of anti-homophilia has been instituted in the different religious organizations that dominate humanity today. It has alienated a significant portion of humanity who are seeking a spiritual conviction. This has stigmatized anyone with homophilia feelings. Historically gender variants have existed and participated in all aspects of human civilization from its beginnings. Only since the advent of the prophesied messiah has this bigotry surfaced. Yahshua the messiah was a unigender male with homophilia feelings and because of his victory over evil has this attitude been present in the world in retribution. Anti-homophilia is a new phenomenon.

Mt 19:12               Some people are eunuchs (unigender), because they were born that way.

1Co 15:38-49      Different bodies for different purposes.

Jn 7:24                 Judge not according to one's appearance.

Jas 2:4                 Not to be partial or judge with evil intentions.

Prv 24:23             Not to favor one group of people over another. Bigotry is wrong.

1 Thes 5:22         Yahovah*God commands that we abstain from all appearances of evil.

1Jn 3:15               Hate is equated to murder, for one does lead to the other.

Mt 5:22                 Those who hate another without cause or are prejudice towards others who are different are in danger of eternal judgment.

1Jn 2:11               Blind hate hinders one's spiritual development.

Eph 4:26              Yahovah*God commands us not to harbor anger or hatred.

Mt 23:13               Do not allow your spiritual development to be hindered by hypocritical religious leaders.

Mt 23:23               These religious leaders omit true interpretation of scriptures, for they are hypocrites.

1Co 6:9                Scripture #1 Effeminate/male prostitutes is an incorrect translation. The true rendering of "Malakoi" is the weak willed or those
                              who are cowards. Male abuser/homosexual offender is translated from the Greek word-"Arsenokoites" which should be rendered                               rapist or those who promote domination by taking advantage of others which is the philosophy of the Nicolaitans.

1Ti 1:10                Scripture #2 Perverts/homosexual "Arsenokoites" means a rapist.

Jude 1:7               Scripture #3 Sexual immorality and perversion of Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of an attempted rape of angels, who took                               the form of unigender (intersex) males.

Ro 1:26                Scripture#4 This shameful lust or unnatural relations is bestiality.

Ro 1:27                Scripture #5 This is anal intercourse, which is forbidden by the law given to Moses.

Ro 1:24                Scripture #6 This is orgies/sex parties, which is forbidden.

Lev 18:22             Scripture #7 This is mistranslated in scriptures that should be rendered as-a male (anyone) taking advantage of and
                              raping a helpless victim. This is an abomination to Yahovah*God.

Lev 20:13            Scripture #8 This is mistranslated in scripture that should be rendered as-Two males taking advantage of and raping a
                             helpless victim. The punishment for this act is by the execution of the two assailants.

Gen 19:1-11        Scripture #9 This story deals with vaginal rape of two angels in male (intersex) human form.

Gen 6:9                Noah was a righteous man, who walked with the Elohiym (gods) which means he worshiped Yahovah*God..

Gen 9:20-25        Noah became drunk and laid naked inside his tent, with his genitals exposed. His son Ham with his grandson Cain saw his genitals                               and made fun of him. Shem and Japheth not giving in to this hateful attitude covered up Noah. Noah had a secret, he was a person                               who was born with both sex organs, he was an intersex individual.

Mt 27:27-31         Yahshua, the Messiah, was also mocked (ridiculed) for being different. He was an intersex person. Also Mk 15:16-20; Lk 22:63-65;
                              Lk 23:11; Jn 19:1-3

Gen 2:21-23        Out of Adam came Eve. Adam was created an intersex person with the ability to conceive offspring.

Ac 17:24-25        Yahovah*God created the world and every one in it.

Ro 12:9                We are only to hate that which is evil.

Ro 12:10              Be devoted to one another with brotherly (sibling) affection.

Jn 13:35               True believers (disciples) are commanded to love one another as Yahshua has loved us (through his sacrifice for our sins).

Heterosexual elitism has contributed to a culture of segregation for those who are different. The nucleus of a heterphilia family should include those who wish to support its structure. Our children need more attention than most couples can supply. This can be fulfilled by the unigender community who wish to join them in a supportive role. This would lead to strengthening family ties. Those who can’t have children due to their life style should be given an opportunity to contribute to the stability of their communities. In the process of creating larger family structures it will ultimately lead to a more cohesive society.

Mt 18:10               Do not despise the little ones (children/new disciples).

Mk 9:42                And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones (children/new disciples) that believes in me, it is better for them that a millstone
                              be hanged around their neck and be cast into the sea. Also Lk 17:2, Mt 18:6

Mt 18:14               It is not the will of the Father (Yahh) that one of these little ones (children/new disciples) should perish.

Lk 13:3                 If you (humanity) do not repent, then you will all perish.

2Pe 3:9                Yahshua does not wish anyone to perish but that all should come to repentance.

Mt 19:11              The Messiah said, not everyone can accept the reality that some people are different.

2Thes 2:10          The unrighteousness of deception is in them that perish, because they received not the love of the truth.