A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"The Beauty of Love"

Homophilia means affections (philia) for those of the same gender (homo). It is an alternative to the word homosexuality. Homophilia is an emotional feeling that is expressed through personal contact. The Greek word “Philia” or “Philos” means affectionate love. It is reflected in a marriage or covenant (agreement). It is also the bond within families and friendships. Philia or affectionate love is a binding emotion in both heterosexuality and homosexuality. It is a higher form of love and is more stable than eroticism. Eroticism is pure lust and is the foundation of harlotry (prostitution). It is instant gratification without any attachments. Eroticism creates a false state of euphoria and leaves its victims emotional empty. Its nature is very destructive and its foundation was laid by Ra (Satan), who is called in the book of revelations the “Mother of Harlots”. The highest form of love above philia is agape. Agape is a spiritual love that can only exist if it is given by the Holy Spirit (Yahovah). Homophilia and heterophilia (affection for the opposite gender) are both normal and accepting before Yahovah*God. She created sexuality between humans for a purpose. Humans fulfill this purpose when involved in stable relationships. Humanity was created to reflect the image of the Elohiym (Yahh/Yahovah) so to should their relationships.

1Jn 4:18            There is no fear (phobia) in love. Perfect love (agape) drives out fear (phobia).

Col 3:14             Love binds things together in perfect unity.

Mt 19:6               What Yahovah*God has joined together, let no one separate.

Mt 19:5               The masculine and the feminine the two shall become one flesh (heterarchy).

Amos 3:3           Two must agree for them to stay together.

In scriptures there are many accounts of unigender people. They were included as Yahovah’s servants of salvation right from the beginning. Unigender people are a broad spectrum of gender variants. The umbrella includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (hermaphrodite) people. In ancient times they were called eunuchs or officials which in Hebrew is called “Cariyc”. They held positions of power and were held in high esteem. This is far from the attitude of modern civilization which are a reflection of the religious biases of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Mt 19:12             Some are born eunuchs (unigender) and some are made into eunuchs (by castration) and others chose to make themselves
                            eunuchs for the kingdom of Yahovah*God.

Isa 56:3-5           Let no eunuch complain that he has no offspring. For those who bind themselves to Yahovah*God by observing his sabbaths
                            and laws will be given an eternal inheritance (life).

Gen 39:1-20       Potiphar, an Egyptian eunuch, one of Pharaoh's officials (Cariyc), freed Joseph from slavery. Joseph was put in charge of his                              household. Potiphar's wife desiring a greater sexual satisfaction in her marriage caused a rift between the two.

Gen 40:1-23       Pharaoh's cupbearer and baker were both eunuchs.

Esth 2:8-17         Hegai, the Persian eunuch, helped Esther to become very favorable to King Xerxes She was chosen to be the Queen of the
                             Persian Empire.

Esth 4:5               Hathach, a eunuch, was a loyal attendant to Queen Esther.

Isa 39:5-7            A prophecy pertaining to certain descendants of King Hezekiah being eunuchs in the palace of the King of Babylon. This is
                             referenced to the prophet Daniel and his co-horts.

Dan 1:3,4            The King of Babylon ordered Ashpenaz the chief eunuch of his court, to bring in certain Israelites of the royal family                              (unigender/eunuchs). They were to be young males with handsome features and without physical or mental weakness.
                             These were the qualification for serving in the King's palace.

Dan 1:6               They were Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah and they were all eunuchs. Daniel is a prophet of Yahovah and the author of
                             the book of Daniel.

Dan 1:17-21       They were blessed by Yahovah*God with knowledge and understanding of all different types of wisdom. Daniel was also blessed with                              the ability to comprehend visions and dreams. They were selected to be in the King's service. This fulfilled the prophecy of Isa 39:5-7.

Jer 38:7               Edeb-Melech an Ethiopian eunuch was in the service of King Zedekiah of Judah.

Jer 38:8-13         Edeb-Melech saved the life of the prophet Jermiah.

Ac 8:26-39          The Apostle Philip was sent by an angel of Yahovah*God to baptized an Ethiopian eunuch. He was an important official in charge of                              the treasury of Queen Candace of Ethiopia.

Yahshua was a unigender individual born to a unigender woman. Mary was an intersexed person with the capacity of self-fertilization by the power of the Holy Spirit. In scriptures there are many accounts that cause one to conclude that he was in a “Homophilia Relationship.”

Jn 20:2                There was a disciple who was more intimate with the Messiah than Peter or Mary Magdalene.

Jn 21:24              His name was the Apostle John. He is the author of the books of John, John 1,2,3 and the book of Revelations.

Jn 21:7                He was the one the Messiah loved the most and was called the beloved.

Jn 21:20-22        When Peter asked the Messiah about John's future, he was reprimanded for interfering (meddling) in their relationship.

Jn 13:23-25        The disciple who the messiah loved was sitting in his lap (or in front of him between his legs) at the last supper. John reclined
                             against the chest (bosom) of Yahshua and asked him who would betray him. The Greek text gives a greater interpretation than
                             the modern English translation.

Jn 19:26-27        Before his death while still nailed to the cross, Yahshua introduced his mother Mary to his intimate companion. Saying dear
                             woman here is your son and to his beloved companion (John) he said here is your mother. From that moment forward the Apostle                              John took her into his home. This is proof that Yahshua and John had an intimate relationship.

Mt 19:11              The Messiah stated that not everyone can accept the truth, except those to whom it has been given (revealed).