A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Epistle To The Galatians
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

Gal 1

V2 To the congregations of Galatia, I and all the brethren with me send our greetings.

V3 May loving kindness, mercy and peace be unto you from Yahovah our Mother, Yahh our Father and Yahshua our King and Messyah.

V1 From Shauwl (Paul) an Apostle through the death and resurrection of the Messyah Yahshua. Called by Yahh the Father and not by
     mere human desires. Chosen and ordained by Yahovah and not through human institutions.

V4 For he sacrificed himself for our sins, that we may be removed from the presence of evil forever. And that we may be obedient to
     Yahovah and Yahh the Father through our free-will.

V5 Truly unto them be glory forever and ever.

V6 For I wonder why that in such a short amount of time you have changed and separated yourselves from the calling of Yahh the
     Father and the loving-kindness (grace) of Yahovah by the Messyah's sacrifice unto another gospel.

V7 For if it is not another gospel then some of you are dwelling in chaos and by your own free-will have perverted the message of the
     Messyah's gospel.

V8 And if one among us or rather an angel from heaven comes to you to preach another gospel then let them be accursed.

V9 For as it was foretold before and now I say it anew. Some of you are preaching another gospel. From whom do not accept, for let them
     be marked with a curse.

V10 Do I now allow just anyone to persuade me? For if I am out to please everyone do I really seek Yahovah? Yet whoever truly seeks
       to please everyone is not a servant of the Messyah.

V11 For you must recognize who among the brethren is preaching the right gospel and who is preaching the wrong gospel.

V12 For I do not accept just anyone's doctrine (teaching). Nor do I just teach anything but only those things revealed through Yahshua
       the Messyah.

V13 For you have heard of my former conduct in persecuting the congregations of Yahovah. And because of my superiority complex
       I tried to exterminate it.

V14 And I progressed in their persecution far above many of the other experienced officials. From the beginning I was zealous for the
       added traditions of my forefathers and to earnestly please those of my ethnicity.

V15 Moreover before I came out of my mothers womb I was anointed (a prophet). And when Yahovah was ready, she called my name
       (Acts 9:4) through her loving-kindness.

V16 She revealed her son to me in order that I may preach his gospel to the Goyim. And upon receiving this mission I did not converse
       this information with anyone.

V17 Nor did I go unto Yahrusalem to dwell among those who are apostles but I departed unto Arabia (Mt. Horeb) and afterwards returned
       unto Damascus.

V18 Then after three years I went up to Yahrusalem to dwell among the brethren so that I could be examined by the Apostle Kepha and
        I stayed with him for fifteen days.

V19 Moreover I did not see another apostle among the brethren of Yahshua except for Yahkov the son of Zebedee.

V21 Then afterwards I went to the region of Syria and then to Cilicia.

V20 Moreover I am writing you this so that you may see that before Yahovah I am not a liar.

V22 Moreover those among the congregation who are Hebrews were truly ignorant towards me.

V23 For they only heard that I was formerly a persecutor of the assemblies and now I preached the gospel of the faith which I formerly
       tried to destroy.

V24 And after they heard of my story they praised Yahovah.

Gal 2

V1 Then after fourteen years we again traveled to Yahrusalem with Barnabiyah and Titus.

V2 Moreover we went because of a revelation and to declare to them the gospel which we have preached to the Goyim (Gentiles) after
     our own privately published literature. Moreover we did not assume by any means to run our course in vain.

V4 Moreover during our absence false brethren secret ely introduced heresy, For they stealthily entered the congregation to sabotage our
     free-will which we possess in Yahshua in order to enslave us.

V5 Neither they nor the test of time shall cause us to give up or turn back. So that we may preach the gospel of the truth unto you.

V6 Moreover some of them tried to separate us in the manner of our former existence. No one was with me to bring through to them the      conscience of Yahovah.

V3 And Titus my traveling companion who is not a Hebrew but Greek was compelled by them to accept their legalism.

V7 But perceiving their antagonistic behavior we proceeded to persuade the Goyim by preaching the gospel unto them in accordance
     with the agreement with the Apostle Kepha who preached to the Hebrews.

V8 For there are two apostleships at work, one unto the Hebrews and my work unto the Goyim.

V9 And understanding this, that the Apostles Kepha, Yahkov and Yahchanan who are pillars in all of the assemblies showed me their
     loving-kindness (grace) by granting me a share in the fellowship. So in this manner we may go unto the Goyim as they unto the Hebrews.

V10 And going our separate ways we agreed to keep in mind those who are spiritually destitute in order that we diligently labor to
       educate them in these matters.

V11 Moreover when Kepha arrived in Antioch I firmly opposed his presence because he was knowingly at fault.

V12 For before he arrived, I found out that Yahkov and some of the brethren would separate themselves from the Goyim with whom
       they associated with whenever he was around. Moreover when he arrived, he was determined to separate and shun others out
       of the fear of the legalist.

V13 And after having this control the legalist set their minds to con the rest of the congregation. And their influence was so strong that
       even Barnbiyah was carried away into their hypocrisy.

V14 When I perceived that he was not acting correctly towards the brethren and not preaching the truth about the gospel. Then I
       admonished Kepha before all and said, if you are a legalist then you are lawless. And if you are not a legalist then how do you
       compel the Goyim to become one?

V15 For our nature ought to be of lawfulness and not of lawlessness.

V16 Moreover, I perceive that righteousness does not come from the works of human added laws (legalism). And if its not through them
       then it is only through our faith in the testimony of Yahshua the Messyah. For we must believe only in the gospel of the Messyah
       Yahshua in order that our righteousness comes from our belief in the Messyah's sacrifice and not based on added works of the law        (legalism) because the works of these human added laws does not make anyone righteous.

V17 Moreover if we crave righteousness and can not obtain it. Then it is because we are sinners. Then it is only through the Messyah's
       Sacrifice that our past sins do not exist.

V18 For if these sins have been dissolved then I am no longer a transgressor but one who is united with him who can establish and restore.

V19 For through the Law he died in order that I may have eternal life.

V20 Moreover I no longer exist for myself but for the Messyah. And presently my life in the flesh is about faith and my love for the existence
       of the son of Yahovah who sacrificed himself for the sake of my redemption.

V21 Reject not the Laws of Yahovah nor her loving-kindness (grace). For if righteousness came through the system of animal sacrifice
       then the forgiveness that came through the free-gift of the Messyah's sacrifice was in vain.

Gal 3

V1 O Foolish Galatians, who charmed you with falsehood? Did you not see with your own eyes the sacrifice of the Messyah Yahshua
     which was foretold in scriptures?

V2 Understand this, it is only through your free-will that one's faith is acceptable. It is only through the works of the Sacred Spirit that one
     learns to keep the law.

V3 In these matters you are in ignorance. Presently in the flesh you think that you have already been brought unto perfection.

V4 Yes, you have been infected greatly by the falsehood of heresy.

V5 And therefore you lack nourishment from the Sacred Spirit which has the ability to put forth it's power in you to understand and keep
     the law through faith.

V6 Just as it was with Abraham who through his faith was judged to be righteous.

V7 Therefore those who understand the law are children of Abraham through faith.

V8 Moreover it was foretold in scriptures that out of one's faith comes righteousness. That Yahovah shall accept the Goyim through
     Abraham which was preached before the gospel arrived. For it says all peoples will be blessed through you.

V9 So that those who follow Abraham's faith shall receive his blessings.

V10 For those whose deeds violate the law are under the curse of destruction. For it is written in scriptures that those who persevere
       are not under the curse of destruction. It is also written that all who keep the law are Abraham's offspring.

V11 Moreover without evidence no one is righteous because righteousness comes from a life time of works of faith.

V12 Moreover without works of faith you can not keep the law. For in them is eternal life.

V13 For the Messyah took away the curse of destruction from those of us who have violated the law. For he appeared to take away the
       curse on us because it is written all who are cursed with destruction shall be hanged on a tree.

V14 Yahshua also appeared in order that the Goyim may receive the blessings promised through Abraham. And also in order that we may        receive the promise of the Sacred Spirit through faith.

V15 Yet brethren according to human tradition nothing can nullify a human covenant as long as an addition to the covenant is validated.

V16 Moreover to Abraham was the promise declared to and it was not spoken of all his physical offspring but to those who are like him in
       his great faith. And it was spoken of his one offspring who is the Messyah.

V17 Moreover this matter spoken of is the covenant given to Abraham which was established before Yahovah gave her laws to Moses.
       This law can not be made void nor can it abolish this promise.

V18 For if one could no longer inherit the promise of Abraham because of the penalty of violating the law. Then it is only through the
       gospel's promise of forgiveness that one can inherit his blessings from Yahovah.

V19 Therefore those who violate the law receive forgiveness which is an addition to the law which did not happen until the offspring of the        promise arrived. For he is an anointed Archangel with the power to mediate peace.

V20 Moreover this peace is not negotiated one on one but between the mediator and Yahovah.

V21 Therefore the law is not against the gospel's promise of forgiveness for both came from Yahovah. For the law on its own was incapable
       of granting permanent forgiveness that leads to eternal life. In reality only those who kept the law without flaw were deemed righteous.

V22 For scriptures states that without exception all are under the power of sin. So that out of one's faith in Yahshua the Messyah we may
       have confidence in the promise of forgiveness.

V23 Moreover before this faith came the meaning behind the law was kept secret until it was revealed by this faith.

V24 So that the Messyah came to be our instructor in the law in order that out of his righteous sacrifice came our faith.

V25 Moreover after we have arrived in the faith we are no longer under the penalties of the law.

V26 For we are all the gestational offspring of Yahovah through faith in Yahshua.

V27 For whosoever has been cleansed by the blood of the Messyah's sacrifice has entered into the faith of the Messyah.

V28 For among the brethren there is no separation of being a Hebrew or a Goyim, slave or entrepreneur, male or female. For all are
       equal (one) in Yahshua.

V29 Moreover if you belong to the Messyah then you are an offspring of Abraham and heir to the promise.

Gal 4

V1 Moreover I declare in the latter days whoever is an heir and gestational offspring of Yahovah shall not be hindered from being resurrected      into spiritual servants of Yahshua our King.

V2 But until then we are under the power of guardians and overseers until the appointed time when we shall be established by Yahh the Father.

V3 So in this manner when we were naive in walking life's path. We were coerced into slavery by this present world order.

V4 Moreover when we arrive at perfection in the end of our earthly existence. We shall be spiritual released as children of Yahovah just
     like our earthly mothers gave birth to us out of their bodies. And through this event, we shall no longer be under the influence of the
     power of sin.

V5 So that in order to be not under the penalty of the law we must become acceptable to Yahovah as her gestational offspring.

V6 Moreover we are Yahovah's gestational offspring because we have her Sacred Spirit within us. For with our minds we can cryout in
     prayer "Abba" (Father) and Yahh the Father hears us.

V7 Moreover if we are no longer slaves of sin but rather servants of righteousness. Then we are future heirs of the kingdom through
     being the gestational offspring of Yahovah.

V8 But before this we were without Yahovah's Spirit. For we truly were unknowingly slaves to the nature of the Cherub Ra.

V9 Moreover how did you become so weak and destitute in the faith? Why do you again return unto the old ways? Your haughtiness
     has brought your free-will into captivity.

V10 Why do you not show reverence to Yahovah by observing her sabbath day and the new moons and the holiday celebrations in
       the seasons of the year?

V11 Have I labored unto you in vain?

V12 How have I become a stranger to you? Is it because I question you? Am I not also a brethren? What law have I violated?

V13 Moreover do you remember my former visits when I preached to you about the weakness of the flesh?

V14 And how through the flesh you shall be enticed. Do you not trust me? If so, neither would you trust an angel sent by Yahovah as in
       the case of the Messyah Yahshua.

V15 Therefore where is your testimony from? I wish I could bless you with sight or if I was able I would give you my eyes.

V16 So then have your enemies become those who speak the truth to you?

V17 You are not honorable towards those who are zealous for the truth. You exclude and shun those with free-will in order that you don't
       see their zealousness.

V18 Moreover to be always zealous is honorable as I am presently towards you and not just when I am present with you.

V19 O my children, I am again with birth pains until I see the Messyah's gospel in you.

V20 Presently until your free-will is restored, you shall be confused by doubts. Moreover listen now to my voice of reason.

V21 I declare that you do not understand the law. For the consequences of the law is according to the decisions made through free-will.

V22 It is written in scriptures that Abraham had two sons. One born from a slave girl and one born from a free woman.

V23 Truly the son born of the slave girl was according to the promise made by flesh. But the one born of the free woman was according
       to the promise made by Spirit.

V24 For in this story is a hidden message. For truly there are two covenants. The first one made on Mount Sinai which is a covenant of        enslavement to the flesh. And this corresponds to Hagar.

V25 Moreover the second was made on Mount Horeb which is a covenant to free one of the constraints of the flesh. And this corresponds
       to Sarah. But presently her offspring walk after the covenant of enslavement to the flesh.

V26 Moreover we who are of Mount Zion in Yahrusalem are of the free woman which corresponds to Yahovah above for she is our Mother.

V27 For it is written in scriptures, Rejoice O barren one who has not brought forth and cry out O fertile one for you shall not give birth
       anymore for your husband has divorced you.

V28 Moreover brethren may you be as Isaac (Yahitschaq) an offspring through a promise.

V29 Just as then those with a mentality bent on the flesh persecute those with a mentality based on the Sacred Spirit and this is our
       present circumstance.

V30 But as with this event which is written for us in scriptures it states, drive out the slave woman (Ra) and her offspring for the slave
       woman shall not have a future inheritance nor shall her offspring. For they shall be separated from among the free woman
       (Yahovah) and her offspring.

V31 Therefore brethren if you are not of the slave woman (Ra) then you are the offspring of the free woman (Yahovah).

Gal 5

V1 Therefore if we persevere in the Messyah's gospel, he shall make us free. And we shall not be entangled again to the enslavement of sin.

V2 I Shauwl (Paul) declare that if you knowingly accept human legalism then the Messyah is of no advantage to you.

V3 Moreover I also testify that whoever returns again to their former ways is solely responsible for the penalty of violating the law.

V4 Whoever separates themselves from the Messyah annuls his righteous sacrifice that forgives one of sin through Yahovah's loving-kindness.

V5 For through the expectation of our faith we patiently wait for the Sacred Spirit to work righteousness in us.

V6 For there is no human legalism in Yahshua. Nor is anyone required to follow it. But rather it is only through works of faith do we show
     our love for the Messyah.

V7 Who has hindered your progress? Do not be persuaded by the teachings of the dishonorable.

V8 Who has persuaded you with deception from following the invitation of the Father?

V9 A little leaven (deception) puffs up the whole lump of dough (corrupts).

V10 I am trying to persuade you with the truth because no one should be persuaded by another's false assumptions. Moreover those who
       vex you with lies shall bear their own damnation.

V11 Moreover if I am still preaching legalism then why am I still being persecuted? Therefore brethren abolish this stumbling block which is
       the asherah stake (cross) from your paths.

V12 If I could, I would remove these rebels from among you.

V13 For upon you is an invitation for brethren only. And not for those who are enslaved to the flesh. So in your freedom love one another.

V14 For the whole law is summoned up by one key element and that is to love Yahh and Yahovah above and to love those below who are
       like yourself.

V15 Moreover if you mutually attack and devour one another. Then you are without discernment and shall mutually destroy one another.

V16 Moreover I declare that you should progressively walk with the Sacred Spirit and not with the forbidden desires of the flesh. And you
       shall not stumble by committing sin.

V17 For the forbidden desires of the flesh is opposed to the works of the Sacred Spirit. Moreover the Sacred Spirit is opposed to sinful
       works of the flesh. For these two are mutual adversaries. So that through free-will one has a choice in these matters to do or not to do.

V18 Moreover if you are lead by Yahovah's Sacred Spirit then you are not under the penalty of the law.

V19 Moreover the works of the flesh are manifested in those who are involved in the unclean actions of prostitution and lasciviousness (Ra)

V20 and the lies of Idolatry (Apsinthos), the mind control through addiction and sorcery (Lilith), and the hateful contention of envy and
       rivalry through violent completion and seditious heresy (Apollyon),

V21 and the destructive desire of uncontrollable rebellion (Maveth) and all who are like this. As it was foretold long ago and as I predict
       now to you those who commit such acts shall not inherit the kingdom of Yahovah.

V22 Moreover the fruit of the Sacred Spirit is love, joy, harmony, perseverance, virtuousness, honor, loyalty,

V23 humility, mental discipline against such merits there is no penalty.

V24 Moreover those in the Messyah must do away with the forbidden desires of the flesh with its misfortunes.

V25 If you are lead by the Sacred Spirit then the Sacred Spirit shall grant you eternal life.

V26 So do not become corrupt towards one another or mutually slander each other.

Gal 6

V1 Brethren if someone is caught in the deviation of sin due to human weakness. And if you are spiritual strong in the Sacred Spirit and
     have a desire to try to fix such a situation. Do it through humility so that you shall not become marked also.

V2 In this manner we should support one another in our burdens. For this is keeping the law of the Messyah.

V3 If someone assumes they are somebody of high important's for no reason then they are self deceived.

V4 Moreover examine yourselves for every work must be scrutinized. And then you shall possess your own praise and not someone else's.

V5 For everyone shall bear the burdens of their own mission in life.

V6 Moreover be partners in instructing others in the words of scriptures. Let everyone be honorable towards those they instruct.

V7 For if someone leads another astray shall they not reap what they have sown? Preach not against the guidance of Yahovah's Spirit.

V8 For those who sow their strength in the flesh shall reap out of the flesh eternal damnation. Moreover those who sow their strength in
     the Sacred Spirit shall reap out of the Sacred Spirit eternal life.

V9 Moreover produce works of honor and not works of laziness. For the harvest is near so never give up.

V10 Moreover since our time on earth is short. Therefore possess honorable works towards all especially those who are loyal to the
       house of Yahovah.

V12 For whosoever has free-will and is fair minded shall not allow the Messyah's body of believers to be coerced into human legalism.
       As others do just so that they shall not be persecuted.

V13 For human legalism is not of the law (Torah) so guard your free-will from the legalist. So that they may not take pride in your obedience
       to their human ways.

V14 Moreover do not take pride in obeying me. Not even if I also was sacrificed by this present world order. But only in our King Yahshua
       the Messyah.

V15 For you are neither Hebrew nor Goyim but a new created entity.

V16 And to those who follow the rules of the law may peace, loving-kindness and mercy be upon Yahovah's chosen and upon all the people
       of Yahisrael.

V11 See with your own eyes that I have written this epistle by my own hand.

V17 Henceforth let no one cause me grief because of my labors. For my body is marked by Yahshua who is my strength.

V18 Truly brethren may the Sacred Spirit of loving-kindness be upon you in the name of our King Yahshua the Messyah.