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revelations from YHVH*God.


Female Heterarchy
"Yahovah’s Feminine Power"

The “Female Heterarchy” is a government of inclusion for those of the feminine gender. They have equal rights in pursuing an active role in leadership. A heterarchy is an organization of multiple levels of co-rulership. It brings stability to a chaotic world where hierarchy rules by corruption.

Ro 2:11              Yahovah*God does not show favoritism.

Gen 2:18            Females created to co-exist with males. Also 1Co 11:9

Gen 1:27            Females were created in Yahovah*God's image. They were created to form families. A “Heterarchy” is a family.

Gen 3:20            Eve comes from the Hebrew word Chavvah which means life. Yahovah’s name means Yahh’s bringer of life.
                            Eve is the matriarch of all the sons of Adam.

Gen 1:28            Women also given dominion over the land and animals.

Nu 27:1-8           Yahovah*God gives women hereditary rights. Also Jos 17:3-6

Gen 17:16          Sarah, blessed by Yahovah to be the mother (matriarch) of nations (Israelites).

Gen 16:10          Hagar, blessed by Yahovah to be the mother (matriarch) of a great and numerous people (Arabs).

Mic 6:4                Miriam, with Moses and Aaron, was appointed to a leadership role by Yahovah.

Ex 15:20             Miriam was a prophetess.

Jos 2:1-6            Rachab, the prostitute, protected the two scouts sent out by Joshua. Also Jos 6:25

Jos 2:9                Rachab is a prophetess; she had foreknowledge of Israel's dominion.

Jos 2:11              Rachab acknowledges Yahovah as God of heaven and earth.

Jgs 4:4                Deborah, a prophetess, ruled ancient Israel.

Jgs 5:31              She ruled for forty years.

Jgs 4:9                By the hand of a woman, Yahovah*God defeated Israel's enemy. Judges 4:21

Jgs 5:7                Deborah, became a matriarch (mother) over Israel.

2Ki 22:14-20      Yahovah spoke to King Josiah through the prophetess Huldah. Also 2Chr34:22-28

Est 2:17              Esther, becomes Queen of Persia.

Est 8:3-11          Esther saves the Jews from destruction.

Lk 2:36-38          Anna, a prophetess, embraced the arrival of the Messiah.

Lk 1:30-35          Mary (Miriam), found favor from Yahovah*God. As a virgin, she gave birth to Yahshua, who was the archangel Michael. Also Mt 1:18

Lk 1:46-55          Mary (Miriam) is a prophetess.

Lk 8:2,3               Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna gave financial support and traveled with the Messiah and the twelve Apostles.
                             Women were a part of the ministry from the beginning.

Mt 27:55-61        These women were by the Messiah's side even at the end. Also Mk 15:40, 41, 47

Mk 16:1-8            Mary Magdalene and the devoted women where the first to witness to the fact that the Messiah had risen from the dead.
                             Also Lk 24:1-10, 22, 24

Jn 20:11-18         The Messiah (Yahshua) appeared first to Mary Magdalene.

Jn 19:25-27         The Messiah's last decree was to have his close companion take care of his Mother.

Eph 4:11-13        Appointed from above, some were given these exceptional abilities so that the whole assembly of Yahovah*God can be edified
                             (built up). These positions are; Apostles (guardians of revealed truths), Prophets (revealers of divine messages), evangelists                              (orators), Pastors (congregational guides), Teachers (informative guides).

1Co 12:28-31     All positions of authority in the assemblies (churches) are structured but are not hierarchical.

1Co 12:12-27     The structured earthly ministry is a heterarchical.

Amos 3:3             Two must agree for them to walk together.

1Ti 2:12                Paul states, do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, she must be silent. This contradicts scripture.
                              Here is the correction; do not permit those who are new to the faith to teach or have authority over those who are mature in
                              the faith, they the new comers should be silent.

1Ti 2:13-15          The correct rendering is- Adam being born first, was instructed and more knowledgeable than Eve, the new comer being allowed
                              by Adam to lead, sinned first. But the sinner (women=new comer) will be saved through salvation (birth). And if they continue in the                               faith, love and sacredness with humility and obedience.

1Ti 2:11                The correct rendering is- A new comer should learn in quietness and full submission.

Ro 16:7                Junia, an Apostle.

Ro 16:12              Tryphena, Tryphosa, Persis workers (preachers) in the faith.

Ro 16:13              Rufus's mother a matriarch.

Ac 18:24-26         Apollos, an orator, was taught (instructed) more adequately by Priscilla and her husband Aquila.

Ac 21:8,9             Evangelist Phillip had four prophetess daughters.

1 Co 14:29-33     Those with the gift of prophecy are allowed to speak in the assembly.

1Co 14:34            Paul writes "women should remain silent in the churches (assemblies), they are not allowed to speak, but must be submissive,
                              as the law says. This is not correct; it should read "those new to the faith should remain silent in the assemblies. And because
                              they are new comers, they are not allowed to speak (preach).

1Co 14:35           The correct rendering is; If the new comer wants to inquire about a teaching, they should ask those in authority (husband) in
                              their leisure (home).

Rev 12:13-17      Yahovah*God's church (assemblies) is referenced as a woman.

Rev 21:2              New Jerusalem (Yahrusalem) which is the church is described as a beautiful bride dressed (prepared) for her husband
                              Yahshua the Messiah.

Ecc 1:9                There is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again. Women (females) are not a new creation, but a reflection
                             of Yahovah.

In scriptures, throughout the old and renewed testament there has co-existed among the chosen few a separate group who has opposed them. These oppressors have been the ones that have countered the truth with lies. Part of these lies is that females are a new creation and so are inept which leads to a permanent weakness in them. This formulated subjugation led to the system of hierarchy. Many scriptures counter these prejudices.

2 Co 1:24            We are not to lord it over the faith of true believers (no hierarchical dictatorships), rather we are to work together (heterarchy)
                             for everyone’s joy and help others stand firm in the faith (Yahwayism).

Jn 8:32                You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.