A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Epistle Of The Elder Philemon
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

Plm 1

V2 To our beloved Elders Apphia and Archippus and to the congregation that resides at your synagogue.

V1 From Elder Philemon, the brother of our Elder Timothy and from the Apostle Paul who is imprisoned for preaching the gospel of the
     Messyah Yahshua.

V3 May loving-kindness, mercy and harmony be unto you from Yahovah our Mother, Yahh our Father and Yahshua our King and Messyah.

V4 We are grateful for your support and always give thanks to Yahovah for you in our prayers.

V5 For we have heard of your love and faith which you possess in our King Yahshua and in all his sacred ones.

V6 How that you are very active in the fellowship and have become knowledgeable in the faith and that you are honorable towards every
     one of us in the Messyah.

V7 For we are overjoyed and filled with encouragement because of your inner-compassion towards us through your letters we read to the      brethren on the Sacred Sabbath.

V8 On the account of your great confidence which you possess I am sending someone to dwell among you.

V9 Moreover we now encourage you through our love as you have in the case of the Apostle Shauwl's imprisonment for preaching the
     gospel of Yahshua the Messyah.

V10 I call upon you to accept my servant Onesimus among you as one who is a gestational offspring and future spirit born child of Yahovah.

V11 Formerly he would have been of no use to you but now he has become of great value to me and you.

V12 In my inner-compassion I shall send him forth to be with you.

V13 I restrain my own free-will in order that you be lifted up in preaching the gospel by freeing him from my service.

V14 Moreover it was not just my intention for him to depart to you but by his own free-will. So that it was not out of necessity but by his
       own honorable decision.

V15 For during this season coming up he shall quickly depart unto you in order that his future journeys may begin.

V16 He is no longer my slave but rather a beloved servant of the brethren. Moreover he is special to me and you whether in the flesh or
       in the spirit.

V17 If I possess your fellowship then receive him as you would me.

V18 Moreover if someone wrongly assumes that this matter is in response to a debt I owe you.

V19 I shall have the Apostle Shauwl hand write a note of nonrecompence in order that no one may say that you owe me anything.

V20 Truly through my inner compassion I assure you he shall be a help and a joy among the brethren.

V21 Whether I persuade you in writing or speak to you in person above all of this he shall be productive.

V22 Moreover I am confident that we shall come together in agreement and that through our prayers he shall receive your favor.

V23 Epaphrus our fellow prisoner in Yahshua sends his greetings to you

V24 and to our fellow laborers Marcus, Aristarchus, Demas and Lucas.

V25 May the Spirit of Loving-Kindness (Grace) be unto you in the name of of our King and Messyah Yahshua.