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revelations from YHVH*God.


Disciples of Sin
"The Children of Doom"

The Five Hierarchical Entities

The "Five Hierarchical Demonic Entities" are the "Cherub Ra" who is the mother goddess of the vast majority of spiritual entities, the "Archangel Maveth" god of death and water, the "Archangel Lilith" goddess of sheol and earth, the "Archangel Apsinthos" goddess of lies and wind, the "Archangel Apollyon" god of thievery and fire. Each of them creates and promotes a temptation that leads to sin. Their sole purpose is to influence humanity into making a choice in favor of their ways of existence. Their system of morals which is the foundation of sin is at odds with the ways of Yahovah*God. Each entity has it's own specialty and it's own area of influence. They act some times in unison and at times opposing each other. This is reflected in their symbol which is the "Pentagram" or the solid "Five Pointed Star". This symbol has many ways of display with each having a different meaning. These entities are part of a vast governing body that has control over humanity and all of creation. Their influence is the cause of all the ills of society. Everyone is a reflection of one or more spiritual entity from above whether good or evil.


Temptation is an influence which is received from without which can alter the person from within. It enters through one of the "Seven Senses" that are conductors of the human entity. Through these senses we learn and experience everything that is before us. These seven conductors are the "Soul" which is an invisible energy, the "Mind" the thinking brain for making decisions, the "Nose" a receiver for scent through the ability of smell, the "Ears" for hearing sound, the "Eyes" for seeing, the "Tongue" for taste and for speaking, and the "Flesh" for feeling through touch. All are tempted and all are affected by an outside influence that is demonic in nature. Temptation leads one to sin against Yahovah*God. Sin is the end result of accepting and implementing their ways.

Ecc 7:29              I have found what I sought after and I see that the "Elohiym" Gods have created humanity unblemished (Yashar).

Ecc 7:20              Sin and righteousness is before a person in the land of the living, it is their choice.

Titus 3:3               And formerly in our past (before enlightenment) we were "Anoetos Apeithes" foolishly disobedient (Maveth); "Planao"
                             deceiving and in deception (Apsinthos); "Douleuo Epithumia" a slave to the lust of covetousness (Lilith); "Hedone Poikilos Ejn"                              and by various pleasures (Ra); "Diago Stugnetos Kai Miseo Allelon" to live a life of violent hate and self hatred (Apollyon).

Worldly Customs

1Pe 4:3 Willfully be content with moving forward (Parerchomai) from among the gentiles (customs), departing from the deeds of-"Aselgeia" lasciviousness, promiscuity, political fornication and sexual pandering which is the result of the influence of the Cherub Ra; "Epithumia" lust, covetousness, hording, monopolizing, materialism, and addiction which is the result of the influence of the goddess Lilith; "Oinophlugia Komos Potos" drunken rioting, inexcusable rebellion, unlawful- killings, coups, assassinations which is the result of the influence of the god Maveth; "Athemitos" criminality, bullying, intimidation, strong-arming, larceny, predatory which is the result of the influence of the god Apollyon; "Eidololatreia" Idolatry, lying, conartistry, masquerading, the worship of-heroes, saints, ancestors, images, idols, honoring or communicating with the deceased, slanderers, false witnesses, fabrications which is the result of the influence of the goddess Apsinthos.

The Law

1Tim 1:8-10 The "Law" is for perfection (Kalos) if it is used correctly (Nomimos)(v8). They know this not but the law was established for the lawless (Anomos) because of the (v9) "Anupotaktos" uncontrollable, wild, disobedient (Apollyon); "Hamartolos" devotee's of sin, idolaters (Apsinthos); "Anosios" unholy, unclean (Ra); "Bebelos" profane, greedy (Lilith); "Patraloas Metraloas" parent slayers, spouse murderers (Maveth) and (v10) "Androphonos" serial killers, bloodlust stalkers, exterminators (Maveth) "Pornos" harlots, whores (Ra); "Arsenokoites" rapist, violators, molestors, sexual deviants, Pedophilia, Beastiality/zoophilia (Apollyon); "Andrapodistes" exploiters, enslavers, profiteers, drug dealers, pharmaceutical pill pushers (Lilith); "Pseustes Epiorkos" slanderers, liars, deceivers, consumer marketing, myth makers, fabricators (Apsinthos) and anyone who says differently (Heteros) or is an adversary (Antikeimai).

The Intercession

Acts 20:28               The church (assembly) of Yahovah*God was purchased by the blood of the "Messyah Yahshua".

Eph 1:13-14             And with you hearing the word of truth which is the gospel of salvation and when you believed then you were sealed with
                                  the promised Sacred Spirit which is the security of our inheritance through the redemption (ransom) by being purchased
                                  for her (Yahovah's) glory.

Eph 4:30                  Do not grieve the Spirit with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

1Pe 2:9                    But you (Assembly) are a chosen family. a kingdom of priests, a sacred nation, a purchased people that your virtue                                   (morality) may turn those away from the darkness and bring them unto his (Yahshua's) marvellous light (lamp).

2Th 2:14                   And those called unto you (assembly/church) by our gospel to be purchased unto Yahovah (LORD) through our
                                  "Messyah Yahshua."

1Th 5:9                     Since we are not appointed unto wrath by Yahovah*God but purchased unto Yahovah (LORD) through the salvation
                                  of our "Messyah Yahshua."

Heb10:39                 We are not of those who return unto perdition (Apoleia-destruction) but are of those purchased souls who believe.

1Jn 5:16                   There is a sin that leads to eternal death.

Col 3:9                     The reembrace of the former ways of living is the deadly sin of unforgiveness.

Mk 3:29                    Whoever blasphemes against the Sacred Spirit will never be forgiven but is guilty of an eternal sin.

Heb 6:4-6                 It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened (given understanding) and have tasted the heavenly gift                                   (salvation) and who have shared in the union of the Sacred Spirit and who have heard the righteousness (inner peace)
                                  of the word of Yahovah*God and the powers of the coming age and if they fall away (rebel) to be brought back to                                   repentance, because to their loss (shame) they are crucifying the son of Yahovah*God all over again and subjecting
                                  him to public disgrace.

The Goats

2Tim 3:1-9 The goats are people who had their eyes open to the truth and given the sacred spirit of Yahovah*God but have choosen to follow their own pursuits, ways/customs, religious practice or worldly desires. They have turned themselves from being obedient sheep to disobedient goats. And by corrupting their souls through the embrace of demonic spiritual entities they have deliberately committed the "Unpardonable Sin." Now know this that tribulation (Chalepos) shall exist from the present time to the "Latter Days" because of (v1) those people who are (v2) "Philautos Philarguros" self-centered, covetous (Lilith); "Alazon Huperephanos" proud boasters (Apollyon); "Blasphemos" blasphemous slanderers (Apsinthos); "Goneus Apeithes Acharistos" hostility and disobedient towards parents/authority figures (Maveth); "Anosios" unholy, polluted (Ra); (v3) "Astorgos Aspondos" inhospitable and untrustworthy, hostile thieves (Apollyon); "Diabolos Akrates Anemeros" violent demon possessed (Lilith); (v4) "Aphilagathos Prodotes Propetes" reckless betrayers opposed to goodness (Maveth); "Tuphoo Philedonos" vain pleasure seekers (Ra); "Mallon Philotheos" great lovers of gods, idols/images (Apsinthos). These goats creep into houses of worship to lead people astray (v6). And (the goats are) never moving forward (Erchomai), incapable (Dunamai) of learning and always against (Eis) the knowledge of the truth (v7). Whom in the same way as Janna and Jambres (magicians who failed to discredit Moses) who opposed Moses and in like manner these reprobates/rejects (Adokimos ) of corrupt minds oppose (Anthistemi) anyone (Anthropos) of the truth (Pistis) (v8). Separate (Apotrepo) yourselves from those who have a form of sacredness (Eusebeia) but deny its power (v5).

The Soul

1Co 6:1-11 The soul is the seat of morality and consciousness (Suneidesis). The spiritual entity to whom you bond your soul with will ultimately determine your outlook (perception) and mental health. This spirit provides the host with its knowledge and understanding. People are like pieces of wood, if straight then you are easier to work with but if it is curved then you become harder to work with. If the wood becomes too warped then it is just thrown away which means in the end you decide your own fate (free-will). To stay on the right path one must not be a partaker of (v9-10) “Pornos Moichos” which are of Jezabel’s Prostitutes a term used for those who indulge in free-love, no judgment of others, accepting everyone regardless of moral status (Ra); “Planao Eidololatres” which are of the Synagogue of Satan a term used for false teachings of idolatry or the worthless worship of images of deception (Apsinthos); “Malakos Kleptes Harpax Arsenokoites” which are of the Nicolaitans a term used for the weak-willed lazy thieves or False teachers of rape or the manipulation of extortionist (Apollyon); “Pleonektes” which are of Balaam’s Manipulaters a term used for those whose behavior is one of covetous control and the pursuit of excess material wealth (Lilith); “Methusos Loidorus” which are of Cain’s Rebels a term used for hypocrites of instability or those who are murdering rebels (Maveth). The unrighteous shall not inherit the 'Kingdom of Yahovah*God."

The Mind

Prv 27:19                As water reflects a face, so does a person's mind reflect the person. The meaning behind this passage is that whatever
                                is inside of your mind is who you really are. If you allow demonic entities to guide your mind then you are that                                 demon's disciple.

Rev 21:8 Everyone makes choices from the decisions/judgment that is made in their minds (Nous). “Divine Judgment” is the punishment of those who fail to choose wisely. They will be sent to the “Lake of Fire” (Geheena) because they did not submit to righteousness because of their “Ego/Pride”. The wrong choices are-“Bdelusso Apistos Deilos” which means the “abomination of the faithless cowards” which represents those who do not want to work to achieve success, they are the lazy thieves of Apollyon; Phoneus/Murderers are of Maveth; Pornos/whoremongers are of Ra; Pharmakeus/Witches are of Lilith; and the “Pseudes Eidololatres” meaning the “Liars of Idolatry” which are of Apsinthos.

The Nose

Col 3:5-6 Their is a distinction (smell) between those among the assembly (church) that are obedient and those who are not. Therefore deprive of power (Nekroo) those members of your area (Genesis) who are against you that are "Porneia Akatharsia" unclean whores, corrupt adulterers, agreement breakers, flatterers (Ra-Jezabels Prostitutes); "Pathos" Passionate rebels, argumentative usurpers, jealous backstabbers, drunken rioters (Maveth-Cain's Rebels); "Epithumia" lustful, covetous, control addicts, cult dictators (Lilith-Balaam's Manipulaters); "Kakos" the violent, evil oppressors, thieves, brawlers, extortioners, kidnappers, blackmailers, taskmasters (Apollyon-Nicolaitans); "Eidololatreia" image worshippers, idolaters, cult leader worshippers, liars, deceivers, fantasy seekers (Apsinthos-Synagogue of Satan). Because of this the wrath of Yahovah*God shall come upon the children of disobedience.

The Ears

Rev 22:14-15 The “Kingdom of Yahovah*God rejects those who refuse to listen to instruction. They shall not be successful because they refuse to wash their robes (repent/humility). Their mentality is in agreement with one of the “Five Hierarchical Demon Entities.” And these are their character flaws (v15) Kuon/Dogs/Wolves (Nicolaitans) which is of Apollyon; Pharmakos/Witches (Balaam’s Manipulaters) which is of Lilith; Pornos/Whoremongers (Jezabels Prostitutes) which is of Ra; Phoneus/Murderers (Cain’s Rebels) which is of Maveth; and Eidololatres/Idolaters (Synagogue of Satan) which is of Apsinthos.

The Eyes

1Co 5:1-13 To see is to comprehend the reflection of that which is before you. There are those who can see but turn a blind eye so as though not to see. Blindness can be self-imposed when people refuse to take responsibility. Those who are stained by this are to be casted out (v13-purged) of the body (Assembly) of Yahshua. These "outcasts" have choosen their ways contrary to the covenant they made at baptism. They reflect the attributes of (v11) "Pornos" a whore or religious slut which is of those called "Jezabels Prostitutes" who are in union with the fallen Cherub Ra; "Pleonektes" a controlling greedy person or those who are covetous which is of those called "Balaam's Manipulaters" who are in union with the demon goddess Lilith; "Eidololatres" an idolater or one who worships images/idols which is of those called "Synagogue of Satan" who are in union with the demon goddess Apsinthos; "Loidoros Methusos" Intoxicated rebels/railers or chaotic murderers which are of those called "Cain's Rebels" who are in union with the demon god Maveth; "Harpax" extortioners, rapist, ravenous theives which are of those called "Nicolaitans" who are in union with the demon god Apollyon.

The Tongue

Prv 18:12                Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Eph 5:1-14 The children of disobedience will not inherit salvation or the “Kingdom of Yahovah*God (v6). They are not to be fellowship with nor have an influence upon the wise and chosen disciples of Yahshua the Messyah. Through empty arguments and the fruits of dark works they try to corrupt those in the light of the truth. But it is only through this light that they are exposed as frauds. It is through their teachings (doctrines) and immoral preaching that is used as a vice for their twisted pursuits. And these are their vices (v4-5) “Aischrotes Morologia” meaning extortion, coercion, receiving allegiance (support) out of the fear of intimidation which is stealing (Apollyon); “Eutrapelia” meaning unlawful threats of death (damnation) or excommunication (expulsion) or being disrespectful towards someone in the guise of usurping authority (Maveth); “Akathartos Pornos” meaning one who whores themselves out by agreeing with everyone and everything or by gaining someone’s trust through constant flattery (Ra); “Pleonektes” meaning someone who controls others through oratory skills, a charismatic talker or the covetous preaching of a cult leader (Lilith); and “Eidololatres” meaning the vocal support of giving adulation to graven images or the elevation of a spiritual leader for worshipping (Apsinthos).

The Flesh

Gal 5:1-21 The works of the flesh is the cause of suffering in humanity. This addiction (v1-yoke of slavery) to wrong behavior is the drive behind those with egotistical minds. They produce immorality which leads to negativity and an endless pursuit of instant gratification. The desire to always be right no matter what (v13-opportunist of indulgence) is the cause of shameful acts committed in ignorance. And these are the works of the flesh (v19-21) “Akatharsia Aselgeia Porneia Moicheia” meaning the uncleanliness of the lascivious fornication of adultery which is of Ra; “Eidololotreia” meaning idolatry which is worshipping a lie and is of Apsinthos; “Pharmakeia” meaning witchcraft through substance addiction inorder to control others and this is of Lilith; “Echthra Eris Zelos Thumos Eritheia Dichostasia Hairesis” meaning the enmity of contention from zealously pursuing a wrathful desire of self-seeking and status positioning which causes sedition through heresy which is of Apollyon; and “Phthones Phonos Methe Komos” meaning the envy that leads to murder through uncontrollable (drunkenness) rebellion (reveling) which is of Maveth. Those who commit such acts shall not inherit the Kingdom of Yahovah.

Rev 22:12                Behold, I (Yahshua) am coming soon. I bring with me the recompense, I will give to each according to their deeds.

The Forgiven

Lk 23:34 There were three types of people at the Messyah's crucifix when he asked the "Father"(Yahh) to forgive them. The first group were those who knew the truth and still opposed him. They did not defend him at his trial but called for his demise. These people were the bulk of the Pharisee/Priests (Cohan's) and also those who witnessed or received signs, miracles and healings. They have no excuse for their betrayal but only that they are "Reprobates". The second group are those who are simply "Incorrigible" and so they were merely there as spectators enjoying the event for entertainment purposes. And the third group are the "Naive" who didn't fully comprehend the situition at hand and stood there as eye witnesses to a mob mentality and the political prostitution of the Jewish elite with the Roman officials (Ra), the lies of false witnesses and slander (Apsinthos), unlawful detention/imprisonment and wrongful conviction (Lilith), unwarranted brutality and violence (Apollyon), and finally murder (Maveth) by a spear to the side of the chest (Judas). This third group were the only one's who the Messyah asked forgiveness for. The other two groups sealed their own fate by their own actions. In actuality there was a fourth group, the "Chosen" but they were too few in number and powerless to do anything.

The Rejected

Mt 7:21-23               There will be many who claim to be the Messyah's disciples that will not be accepted into the "Kingdom of Yahovah*God."

Reprobate means to fail the test or rejected and it comes from the Greek word "Adokimos". In scriptures their are many references to those who are rejected by Yahovah*God. These individuals have so screwed up their own minds and souls that it is impossible for them to be reformed. In each of these cases the person has been enlightened and received the "Sacred Spirit of Yahovah" with open arms. But in the "test of time" they have failed or reneged on the covenant between them and Yahovah. And this is done through re-embracing their former lifestyle which involveded the worship of the "Five Hierarchical Demon Gods. This sinful embrace is accepting the attributes that these demons stand for. In doing so they alienate themselves from Yahovah and the Messyah. And their circumstance is due to their own free-will decisions that was committed with full knowledge of the consequences. Secondly, there are people whose nature is so intuned to all five demonic attributes that they are deemed incorrigible. And this means that they are incapable of being corrected even if given the opportunity for enlightenment through the "Spirirt".

Titus 1:16                  They profess to know Yahovah*God but through their actions they refute (Arneomai) themselves, being "Bdeluktos"                                    abominable (Incorrigible) and "Apeithes" disobedient (Reprobate) and against anyone with good deeds which makes
                                   them "Reprobate"(rejects).

2Ti 3:8                       They are rejected because of corrupted minds (Incorrigible) and opposing the truth (Reprobates).

Titus 1:15                  Everyone that is pure chooses to be pure but to those who are "Miaino" polluted (Incorrigible) and "Apistos" unfaithful                                    (Reprobates) no one can become pure this is because their minds (Nous) and soul/conscience (Suneidesis) are defiled.

2Co 13:5                   Reprobates do not go through self examination because they do not believe in perfection. Their minds are twisted into                                    believing "once saved always saved."

1Co 9:27                   Reprobates do what they want because the "law is nailed to the cross" and there is no obligation to follow rules.

Gen 15:16
                When sin/iniquity is complete (Shalem) in someone they are deemed "Incorrigible" because they exhibit the indwelling
                                   of all five demonic spiritual forces of Ra, Apsinthos, Apollyon, Lilith and Maveth. When all five are present with the host                                    giving in freely and completely then this is what causes total defilement.

Ro 1:28                     They rejected Yahovah*God and were abandon (Paradidomi) by Yahovah because they are not worthy (Katheko).

2Pe2:9                      The day of punishment is reserved for those who are the "Adikos" unjust (The Reprobates and Incorrigible).

2Th 1:9                      They will pay the penalty of eternal destruction for separating themselves from the presence of Yahovah and her
                                   glories power.

Heb 6:8                     The end for all who are rejected by Yahovah*God is eternal death in "Geheena".