A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


The Ten Commandments
"The Law Of Moses"


Dt 5:6-7        You shall not have other gods besides me.

The first command is a law against mixing the worship of Yahovah with other gods. It states that you can't worship other gods and Yahovah at the same time. Yahovah is supreme and does not allow another spiritual entity to stand next to her. If you worship Yahovah then you worship her husband Yahh the Father. We are her (Yahovah's) children and we are to give her honor and respect which comes through keeping/fulfilling her decrees. Adding additional religious beliefs or altering the worship of her is the same as harlotry or adultery. The first command goes with the seventh command which prohibits indulging in adultery, harlotry (compromise/weak willed) and prostitution. Those who worship Ra/Satan break the 1st and the 7th commandment because she is the "Mother/Goddess of Harlotry."


Dt 5:8-10       You shall not worship images.

The second command prohibits the use of images in worship. Nothing can stand in the place of the invisible Yahovah*God. An inanimate object cannot take the place of Yahovah nor can it be a substitute for her. To use images in worship is to use a lie instead of the true worship of Yahovah*God. The second command goes with the the ninth command which is a law against those who use falsehood. Those who worship Apsinthos break this commandment (2nd and 9th), because she is the goddess of lies and falsehood.


Dt 5:11           You shall not take the name of Yahovah your God in vain.

The third command prohibits the misuse of the name of "Yahovah" or the altering of the name "YHVH" or the use of a "Name Substitution". Also blotting out the name so that it comes into disuse is making it void. Those who use a substitute like "Lord" or "Hashem" and other substitutes titles are breaking the law as is those who use the sacred name but are misrepresenting themselves as true servants (false/fake). The third command is part of the eighth command which prohibits stealing. Apollyon is the god of violence and those who worship him commit acts of destruction. The use of the word "God" is not sufficient because it is a title and not a name. Those who just use "God" or "Allah" are self-deceived because their intentions could reflect another "God" other than Yahovah.


Dt 5:12-15      Observe and keep sacred the sabbath day in honor of Yahovah your God.

The fourth command consists of a special period of time during the week used for devotion. The sabbath day is a day of rest from our daily labors and a day of remembrance. It is a social day when family and friends gather in honor of their deity-Yahovah. It is also a day of helping the misfortunate of society. Thus fulfilling the command that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. This commandment also specifies that their shall be six days of work prior to the sabbath day which prohibits laziness and slothfulness. The Tenth command is of the fourth because it prohibits greed and those who refuse to seize from working on the sabbath have their minds set on wealth and power. Those who break this command honors Lilith the goddess of materialism and covetousness.


Dt 5:16            You shall honor your father and your mother.

The fifth command prohibits rebellion against human authority. Yahovah is a "God of Order" and commands us to be obedient to our human creators (parents) as a condition that we must keep in order to receive blessings from above. Human decency must also be kept in mind when observing this commandment because unjust rulership cancels out the authority of an oppressor. The fifth command is in conjunction with the sixth which is against those who usurp authority which leads to unsanctioned murder/rebellion. Maveth is the god of murder/hypocrisy and those who worship him break the law by bending it. And it is lawlessness not to respect and honor those in authority whether they be family or government officials.


Dt 5:17             You shall not murder.

The sixth command prohibits lawlessness and unjustified killings. It is a law against criminal behavior and governmental tyranny. The power to take life should not be controlled by hypocrisy or people with a double standard. If it is then it comes from the realm of the god of death and he craves extinguishing life. Those who murder worship at Maveth's altar.


Dt 5:18             You shall not commit harlotry.

The Seventh command prohibits immorality, adultery and prostitution. Adultery means to add, alter or break an agreement/marriage without the dual consent of both parties. Harlotry is giving freely of oneself to others for the purpose of pleasure or acceptance. Prostitution is selling one's standards for monetary, political or social gain. These character traits are exhibited by those who have built their house/life on instability. An unstable mind will except anything that comes its way. Corrupt morals come from giving in to compromise and it leads to untrustworthiness. Those who commit harlotry worship at the altar of Ra (Satan).


Dt 5:19              You shall not steal.

The eighth command prohibits thievery and violence. To steal is to violate a humans right to security and fairness. Thievery is the main objective to all wars, even the one's waged for a so-called justifiable cause. Rape is stealing by violating a person's body and mind. Rape occurs also through the violation of trust that one may have in a religious or authority figure. It is about domination and power through violence. Those people who get pleasure out of taking something that does not belong to them worship at the altar of Apollyon.


Dt 5:20              You shall not lie.

The ninth command prohibits creating an illusion to deceive or falsifying the truth. It is wrong to perpetuate a lie by teaching it as truth and where by it to create a world or society built on delusions. Lies destroy everything in its path whether they be victim or perpetrator by leaving a trail of bitterness and distrust. A "Liar's" warped mind is unstable because they worship at the altar of Apsinthos.


Dt 5:21               You shall not covet.

The tenth command prohibits coveting or the greedy desire to enslave. It is implementation by a covetous mind's desire to have control and rule over others through manipulation. It is the greed for materialistic power and the pursuit of monetary gain at the expense of the misfortunate. Those who enslave others worship at the altar of Lilith.