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The Truth About Christmas

Christmas is nowhere mentioned in scriptures, nor does it instruct us to celebrate the Messiah's birthday. The twenty fifth of December in ancient times was the day the pagans celebrated the birth of their god-Mithra. From this corrupt beginning, people have been trying to justify their perverted deeds (celebrating christmas) by incorporating the birth of the Messiah to make it legitimate. Here are the facts-

Jn 17:17             The Truth comes from YHVH*God's words which is the scriptures.

Jn 4:24                Those who want to worship YHVH*God must worship with the truth.

Dt 12:32              Do not add to the regulations(acts of worship) of YHVH*God.

Jer 10:2               YHVH*God says - do not learn(incorporate) the ways(traditions) of the pagans.

Dt 12:30              Do not imitate the worship rituals of the pagans.

Jer 10:3               For the customs of the pagans are worthless.

Jer 10:3-5           They cut a tree from the forest - fix it with nails so it does not move - they decorate it with silver and gold - there is nothing sacred about it.

The christmas tree is the centerpiece of celebrating christmas. Placing gifts under a tree for others is no different than placing an offering before the feet of an idol. The christmas tree is decorated with ornaments/christmas balls symbolic of the planets,moon or comets ,tinsel/garland symbolic of the clouds, blinking lights symbolic of stars and a large star at the top of the tree symbolic of the sun.

Dt 4:16                 Do not corrupt yourselves with making objects for idolatry in any type of visual image.

Dt 4:19                 The heavenly images of the sun ,moon and stars are not to be worshiped.

Every aspect of christmas is wrong!!! Parents lie to their children about a man called santa claus, who brings them gifts. They tell this lie to their children and they expect them not to lie to them in return?

Jn 8:44                  Satan is the father of lies. - Satan created christmas - Why?

Rev 12:9               Satan deceives the whole world. - How does he deceive?

Rev 2:24               Satan seduces with deep secrets. How?

2Co 11:14            Satan transforms himself into an angel of light*good. He disguises pagan holidays as YHVH*God's.

If you still choose to celebrate christmas, because you think your intentions are good - YHVH*God says-

2Co 6:14              We can not mix good and evil. Good intentions + pagan rituals = Hypocrisy.

Mt 15:7                 You are hypocrites. Why?

Mt 15:8,9              These people honor me with their lips,but their minds are far from me. Their teachings are human traditions/rules taught through human                               reasoning They worship me in vain. Why?

1Pet 1:18             Because of these empty traditions handed down to us from our ancestors.

We live in a corrupt world controlled by Satan. We can not trust everything we have learn from human traditions.

Prov 3:5                Trust in YHVH*God(scriptures) with all your mind and lean not on your own understandings.

Jer 17:9                The mind is deceitful above all things. We give in to deception because on our own we lack proper judgment. Let our judgment be based
                              on YHVH*God's words-the scriptures. Why?

Jer 10:23              A person's life is not their own, it is not in our own ability to direct our steps.

So what are we to do when these holidays come around?

1Thes 5:22          We are to avoid everything that has an appearance of evil.

2Co 6:17             Come out from among them and be separate, touch no unclean thing and I*YHVH will accept you.