A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Balaam's Manipulators
"Servants of Covetousness"

Mt 18:23-34    Not all servants of YHVH*God will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
                         For in their freedoms they serve themselves.
                         By their greed they abuse their fellow servants.

Zec 11:15-17 They covet the wealthiest sheep.

Jude 1:11       They have run greedily into Balaam's error.

Mk 10:23-24  Those who persue monetary gain make it difficult for themselves.

1 Pe 1:18       Redemption from eternal death is not purchased with material wealth.

Ac 8:18-21     No one who tries to seduce through material wealth
                        is allowed to participate in YHVH*God's ministry.

1 Ti 6:10         For the love of money is the root cause of many sinful behaviors.
                        By which some of YHVH*God's servants have wandered from
                        the path of righteousness*happiness.

Mk 14:11         They betray one another for profit.

Ps 119:127    Chosing wealth over YHVH*God's commandments

Pr 8:10            Chosing wealth over YHVH*God's knowledge and instruction.

Pr 16:16          Chosing monetary gain over YHVH*God's wisdom.

Mt 13:22          The deceitfulness of material wealth prevents a fruitful existence.

Gal 5:19-20     The identifying mark of sinful behavior is idolatry and selfish ambition.

Col 3:5             Covetousness is idolatry.

Ps 135:15        Idols of silver and gold -pollute the mind.

1 Co 10:14      They are unable to flee idolatry.

2 Pe 2:15        They wander away from their devotion to YHVH*God,
                         to follow the way of Balaam-who loved the wages of wickedness.

Ecc 5:10         Whoever loves wealth is never satisfied.

Jas 5:1-3         Misery awaits those who hoard wealth.

2 Pe 2:14        They are experts of greed.

Rev 2:14         They hold to the teaching of Balaam - causing others to stumble
                         through monetary oppression.

Jas 5:4-5         YHVH*God hears the prayers of the oppressed.
                         For the servants of covetousness have lived in luxury and self indulgence
                         fattening themselves for the day of slaughter - YHVH*God's Judgement Day.