A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Epistle Of The Apostle Yahuwdah
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

V1 From the Apostle Yahuwdah, servant of Yahshua the Messyah, and the brother of the Apostle Levi, to those called by the invitation
     of Yahh the Father and who observe the laws of Yahovah through the love of Yahshua.

V2 May mercy and harmony be upon you and may love be multiplied unto you.

V3 My beloved, I am writing to you concerning those who are unclean and that everyone diligently works towards possessing that which is      necessary for salvation. I am also writing to give you encouragement, so that you remain sacred in the faith.

V4 For certain mortals among us were written about in the past. Who are of corrupt devotion toward Yahovah and will receive condemnation.      Who have changed mercy into lasciviousness. Who worship only Despots instead of Yahovah and deny our Messyah Yahshua.

V5 Moreover understand this that you have free-will and everyone who wants to be saved will be. And as in the same manner when Yahovah's      people came out of the land of Eygpt those people who did not believe perished and so it will be in the second life.

V6 But also of the angels who did not keep their original instructions but rebelled to follow their own pursuits. And who now dwell in darkness.      For whom condemnation is held in reserve until the Great Day arrives when they will be put under the eternal chains in Geheena.

V7 In the same manner, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities of the plain are set before us as an example. For these people went awhoring
     after other gods and pursued the flesh of one another in order to commit rape. For these people resemble the fallen angels and who will      similarly receive the punishment of eternal fire.

V8 And in the same manner these people are truly narcissistic and dwell in fantasy. And pollute their own bodies with unclean foods.
     Moreover they reject the Mosaic laws and slanders anyone who keeps it.

V9 Moreover, even the Archangel Michael did not slander or condemn when he was debating with the prophet Moses concerning the bold      rebellion of the Israelite people at Mt Horeb. But only said, may Yahovah bring upon you a rebuke.

V10 Moreover, these people truly slander the things they do not understand. Moreover their deranged mentality is no different then a wild        animal's instincts. This is because their thoughts are corrupt.

V11 Woe unto those who pursue Cain's murderous ways and to those who pursue wealth like Balaam. For those who desire the despotism
       of Korah will all perish like him.

V12 For these people are a stumbling block among us. Who boldly resists progress and the love of others. They are shepherds who only
       feed themselves. They are like rainless clouds pushed forth by the winds of Apsinthos. They are withered fruitless trees without roots.
       And they will die twice.

V13 For they are like a wild rogue wave that gushes forth to destroy. They are disgraced mortals who live in darkness by worshipping that        ancient star of deception Apsinthos and Lilith who is Tsalmaveth, the shadow of death.

V14 And moreover in the seventh generation after Adam, the Prophet Enoch foreseen the advent of Yahshua and the innumerable multitude
       of Sacred Ones.

V15 And who will afterwards render condemnation upon every soul who is of corrupt devotion and everyone's deeds that are of corruption
       and to all who preach harshly against the truth. For they are all sinners of corrupt logic.

V16 These accusers complain about everything for their focus is on pursuing forbidden desire. And their mouths are full of boasting from
       swollen egos. For it is of no advantage to these people if miracles happen in their presence.

V17 Moreover, remember always the messages formerly spoken by the prophets of Yahovah and by the apostles of our Messyah Yahshua.

V18 For in the latter days their will be mockers of the "Word," who will be against you. Who will pursue forbidden desires and will lead many
       astray into corrupt devotion.

V19 These people are of those who possess not the Sacred Spirit but have separated their souls from it.

V20 Moreover, my beloved, pray in the spirit so that your faith may be built up.

V21 Those who worship Yahovah and accept our Messyah Yahshua will receive mercy from Yahh the Father and eternal life.

V22 And truly those who live separate from the ways of this present world order will obtain mercy.

V23 Moreover, whoever takes the initiative will be rescued out of the fire. Moreover, whoever has compassion on others will be hated and
       those who separate themselves from the flesh of unclean animals shall keep their spiritual garments.

V24 Moreover, may you establish yourselves in Yahshua and be without blemish before the presence of Yahh the Father and Yahovah the        Mother. Then you will not stumble or fall but will be in euphoria.

V25 And only through our savior Yahshua the Messyah who is of Yahovah. And of our Majestic Father Yahh who has dominion over all and
       who is above all and who has existed without beginning or end. Now let everyone gather themselves unto him forever.