A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Epistle of the Apostle Yahkov
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

Yahkov 1

V1 From the Apostle Yahkov, servant of Yahovah and Yahh, through Yahshua the Messyah to the twelve tribes in exile.

V2 May joy be upon you all my brethren. Allow joy to rule over you whenever divers trials of affliction comes upon you.

V3 Know this that the testing of your faith will bring about the perseverance of patience.

V4 Moreover this patience will bring about your perfection in order that you be complete and without blemish, so that no one is left behind.

V5 Also if some among you lack wisdom, then ask of Yahovah, who will grant it to those who are sincere but will not give it to the undeserving.

V6 Moreover ask in faith for discernment, for without discernment one is like an unstable sea.

V7 For no one who is presumptuous will receive anything from Yahovah because of it.

V8 A hypocritical person is inconsistent and unstable in all of their ways.

V9 Moreover be overjoyed brethren with humility for those who are above.

V10 Moreover be abounding in humility towards those who are like flowers just beginning to grow.

V11 For they spring up in the warmth of the day light bringing forth their growth. And like flowers they become beautiful in the presence of        others, unlike those who will perish. But these are full of wealth and have a purpose unlike those who are just withering away.

V12 Blessed are those who endure the trials of affliction because they will be accepted in the end. And will receive the crown of eternal life which        has been promised for those who are approved.

V13 Now let no one say to those who have been tested that they have been separated from Yahovah. For this testing is to induce them and is        from the Elowahh (evil gods). Furthermore no one is immune to it.

V14 Moreover everyone is tested by their own private forbidden desires which entices them.

V15 And afterwards this forbidden desire will capture you and produce sinful error. Moreover when this sinful error is brought to completion it will        produce eternal death.

V16 Do not wander into error my beloved brethren.

V17 Every good gift and each perfect gift is from above descending down from Yahh the Father. Who is the essence of power or light and        without which there is no transformation or shadow of change.

V18 Understand this my beloved brethren. The truth can produce in us a willful mind of progress. For some of us are the first fruits of a new        creation.

V19 Moreover let everyone advance at their own speed which comes with hearing and obeying. The laziness of the ignorant do not advance but        speak ignorantly towards others with wrathfulness.

V20 For a wrathful person does not produce the righteousness of Yahovah.

V21 Therefore put away everything that defiles and the residue of evil desire that is within or among you. And be instilled with humility that         comes from the "Word" that has the ability to preserve your soul.

V22 Moreover become doers of the "Word" and not only hearers which is self-deception.

V23 Because some of you are just hearers and not doers of the "Word." Those who are like this worship there own ancestors and are into        themselves.

V24 But those who depart from self-worship immediately no longer care about their former mannerisms.

V25 Moreover those who inspect themselves and progress towards the law of perfection are free and will survive. Those who only just hear are        forgetful and their existence shall come to nothing. But those who have works shall be blessed by them.

V26 Certain people assume that they are devout believers and do not restrain their tongues. But they have only deceived their own minds.        These people are void of devotion.

V27 For pure devotion is to be unblemished before Yahh the Father. And this is done through self-examination and by protecting the helpless        and the defenseless in their tribulations. Those without blemish have to separate themselves from this present world order.

Yahkov 2

V1 My brethren do not give certain individuals preference over others. For our faith rests in Yahovah through Yahshua the Messyah.

V2 For if among your synagogues an affluent person comes in with expensive attire and moreover a destitute person in common attire, where      does your attention go?

V3 Moreover, to whom does your respect fall upon? Which attire? The Luxurious? And to whom do you say take a seat here in comfort? And do      you say to the other stand here? Or do you say sit here by my feet?

V4 Understand this my beloved brethren. Do not discriminate among yourselves. Nor base your decisions on evil reasonings.

V5 For Yahovah does not choose between the destitute or the wealthy among the faithful. Who are all heirs to the kingdom through the promise      made to those who have love towards each other.

V6 Moreover you disrespect the destitute and do not correct the wealthy. For you have become oppressors of the people by chasing them away      with your biased decisions.

V7 Do not speak against those who call upon the sacred names of glory.

V8 For if you want to keep the law according to scriptures you must use the royal sacred names and you are to love your neighbor as yourself      by being respectful.

V9 Moreover if you give respect to others you will not commit a sin. And will not be exposed as a transgressor of the law.

V10 For whoever keeps the law is complete. Moreover by not performing just one you are found guilty.

V11 For those who preach do not follow what they say and are not found guilty. Moreover, how can one commit murder and not be found guilty?

V12 So in this manner speak and in the same manner do. For the law is about intentions and you have a free will to make decisions.

V13 For those who judge others based on preference are without mercy and rally against it. For what is judgment without mercy?

V14 My brethren for what advantage is it if one has faith and no works? Moreover faith can not on its own save you.

V15 What if a brother or sister comes forward naked and hungry? Who will give them their daily nourishment?

V16 Moreover some of your own people under you are without warmth and nourishment.

V17 And in this manner if one's faith has no works then it is dead.

V18 Some of you say I have faith and in like manner do you have works? What can you do with faith which is without works? In this manner you        are without the works needed for faith.

V19 You believe Yahovah exists because you think it makes you special. And the demons believe also and they tremble.

V20 Moreover O mortals of free will and void of understanding. Your faith is idle because it is without works.

V21 Did not Abraham our forefather exhibit righteousness through works when he offered up his son Isaac upon the sacrificial altar.

V23 For those who are complete believe in the sayings of scripture. And moreover Abraham was judged to be righteous towards Yahovah and        was called "The Beloved."

V24 Know this that mortals with works alone exhibit righteousness and without not even having faith.

V22 And those with discernment will work together with those who just have works because through these works is faith made perfect.

V25 And moreover in the same manner did not Rachab the prostitute exhibit righteousness through saving the envoys of Israel by sending away        their pursuers?

V26 For even a body without the spirit (soul) is dead so too in like manner is faith dead without works.

Yahkov 3

V1 Understand this my brethren, for many teachers shall arise that will receive great condemnation.

V2 For there will be many teachers who will cause everyone to stumble and fall. Only certain teachers among you will not cause you to stumble      and fall. For there are leaders of perfection who are able to guide us into perfection.

V3 Moreover, just like a horse needs a bridle in its mouth for it to be persuaded to move forward so too these teachers will direct all of us into      perfection.

V4 And behold a ship of great size being driven by a harsh wind. And it is steered by a very small rudder with its motion being mindfully guided      straight.

V5 And in this manner the tongue is small and an important member of the body which becomes more powerful with time. Behold the fire is just      as great as the other which can put a whole forest to blaze.

V6 And the fire shall cleanse this present world order of those with unrighteous tongues. The tongue has been set apart among the members of      our bodies because it can blemish us. And the fire shall run its course set out for it from the beginning until it sets ablaze those under a curse      in Gehenna.

V7 For everything in the order of nature is under restraint both animals and birds. And also the order of nature of the serpents and the marine      life.

V8 Moreover who can restrain their tongue? Not an unstable mortal full of evil with a poisonous and destructive mouth.

V9 Can those who bless others in the name of the Messyah Yahshua and in the name of Yahh the Father then afterward curse the existence of      mortals in the likeness of Yahovah?

V10 My brethren, out of your own mouths comes flattery and degradations. These communications are not to be used or in this manner occur.

V11 Can a spring gush forth from the same crevice both fresh and polluted water? Certainly not my brethren.

V12 Can a fig tree produce olives? Or a grape vine figs? Certainly not my brethren. Neither does salt water produce fresh.

V13 Who is wise and knowledgeable among you? Who among those with excellent communicational skills have works? For wisdom is only        among those who are humble.

V14 Moreover if you have among yourselves jealousy and the politics of self-centerness then you are polluted. And do not rebel against the        truth with lies.

V15 Their is no wisdom from above in them but a spirit from a demon that has descended down upon their earthly existence and attached itself        to their soul.

V16 For where there is jealousy and the politics of self-centerness there is instability and all such acts are evil and worthless.

V17 Moreover wisdom from above is first of pure truth then harmonious, appropriate, appealing, full of the fruits of compassion, happiness and is        sincerely non-discriminatory.

V18 Moreover the fruit of righteousness produces harmony among those where it is spread.

Yahkov 4

V1 And from where does your infighting come? Is it not from arguing amongst yourselves? Is it from selfish hedonism? Why is there soldiers of      war amongst your members?

V2 You want control but can not possess it and commit murder because of jealousy. You fight to obtain power and make war because you can      not obtain it through prayer.

V3 You pray and receive nothing because you are infected with evil. You pray in order to squander it on selfish hedonism.

V4 O whores, don't you understand that those who love this present world order are Yahovah's enemies. Therefore if your love exists for this      present world order then you have made yourselves into the enemy of Yahovah.

V5 You continue to corrupt the words of scripture by making them void because of your presumptuous opinions. Does the Qodesh Spirit dwell      within you?

V6 Moreover great mercy is granted because of the "Word" of Yahovah, therefore she is against those with a superiority complex. Moreover she      grants mercy only to those who are humble.

V7 Moreover give your allegiance to Yahovah and separate yourselves from Ra by opposing her establishment.

V8 Draw near to Yahovah and purify your actions of sin and purify your mind of hypocrisy.

V9 Repent by afflicting yourselves and feel guilty. Be full of anguish and let your joy turn into sadness.

V10 Humble yourselves before Yahovah and she will help you.

V11 Brethren do not belittle one another. For those amongst the brethren who have a habit of making fun of others must be removed and        condemned. Any brethren who speaks against the law must also be judged by the law. Moreover as a Judge you are not to challenge the        law but to fulfil it.

V12 Moreover their is but one Lawgiver and Judge who has the power to save or destroy and who judges both you and your neighbor.

V13 Now there are those who say, what has today brought us? Moreover, which city shall we go into tomorrow? And in what time of the year shall        we go buy and sell to make a profit?

V14 Do not say, who, what, where and when. Who knows what sort of things tomorrow will bring. For your life is but a breath and whose        appearance lasts only for a few days and then disappears afterwards.

V15 Instead of who, what, where and when you should say if it is Yahovah's will I will live and do these things.

V16 Moreover presently among you are glory seekers who are braggarts. Anyone who seeks such glorification is evil.

V17 Therefore understand this, produce that which is precious and do not produce sin.

Yahkov 5

V1 At present your Administrators are wealthy but soon they will be weeping and crying in misery.

V2 Your wealth has corrupted you and has left you naked.

V3 Behold your gold and silver has turned to poison. And this poison shall be a witness against you. And it shall devour your flesh like fire. For      this is what is in stored for you in the latter days.

V4 Behold the laborers have reaped a reward in your fields. For those who have separated themselves are in tears. For they have been cut off      and are crying out loud unto the ears of Yahovah and to her host of Sabbatarians.

V5 For upon the earth they have lived a life of luxury and it has fattened their minds for the day of slaughter.

V6 You have been condemned to be killed. Did you not oppose the righteous?

V7 Therefore brethren persevere until the advent of Yahshua. Behold the farmer shall receive his precious fruit. And those who persevere on       the earth shall be apart of the early harvest and the latter harvest.

V8 And you should have a mind of perseverance because the advent of Yahshua draws near.

V9 Brethren do not complain negatively about one another, so that you will not be condemned. Behold the Judge stands before the door.

V10 Brethren accept the example of the prophets who persevered in their persecution because they spoke the sacred names of Yahh and        Yahovah.

V11 Behold the perseverance of Iyowb who was persecuted because of his understanding (he could hear) and perception (he could see). In the        end he was blessed by Yahovah. For Yahovah is merciful and full of compassion.

V12 Moreover my brethren do not invoke a curse from heaven upon another brethren or their land. For truly some of you have cursed another's        existence. Moreover be truly sorry if you have because those who are not have fallen under condemnation.

V13 For if some are suffering affliction let the others cheerfully sing and pray for them.

V14 And if some among you have been weakened, then let the Pastor of the congregation be called so that they can be anointed in the name        of Yahshua. And if they have departed from producing sin, then they will be raised up .

V15 For the prayers of those in the faith can rescue those who are infected. And they can be raised up by being anointed in the name of        Yahshua but only if they depart from producing sin.

V16 Therefore how are we able to cure an infection caused by sin? By praying for one another and by many righteous works.

V17 The prophet Eliyah was a mortal just like us and suffered in like manner. And he prayed for no rain and no rain fell upon the land for three         years and six months.

V18 Moreover he prayed for rain and heaven granted rain and the earth produced its fruit.

V19 My brethren if some among you are separated from the truth and some of you have.

V20 Then understand this, that a sinner who repents of their ways of error have rescued their own souls from eternal death. And in this way        have removed a multitude of sins.