A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Third Epistle Of The Apostle Yahchanan
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

3 Yahchanan 1

V1 To the Elder Eirene and her disciples in whom I love.

V2 My beloved, I pray that every one of you has a prosperous journey in life. And in accordance with a prosperous journey may your
     souls be in good health.

V3 And as I rejoice exceedingly for the arrival of the brethren to bear witness of you and in your progress.

V4 Hear and understand this my disciples, in these matters there is no greater possession than the joy of progressing forward.

V5 My beloved if in all things you produce trustworthiness among the brethren.

V6 Then Yahovah will send you before the presence of the congregations to produce an honorable testimony.

V7 For "Her" name is far above any received by the Goyim (Gentiles).

V8 Therefore assume no such idea that you owe us anything in order that you be called fellow workers.

V9 I am writing to you about a certain individual named Diotrephes who is a dictator towards those in the congregation and who is
     inhospitable towards us.

V10 When I arrive this matter shall be brought to remembrance through his works which has produced evil doctrines. For he is against
       us by being contentious and slanderous. Nor is he hospitable towards the brethren by hindering their free-will and by expulsions from
       the congregations.

V11 My beloved do not imitate his evil nature but rather imitate those who are honorable and virtuous for they are of Yahovah. For those
       who commit evil perceive (see) not the things of Yahovah.

V12 And everyone bears witness under their own perception. Moreover we testify that our perception is true reality and that we are truthful        witnesses.

V13 Some of you have many writings that are not based on free-will. For through these writings of ink and pen some of you have
       gone astray.

V14 Moreover I am confident that I shall see you soon and speak to you face to face.

V15 I salute you Elder Eirene and to all of the beloved among you I salute in accordance with the love of the Sacred Names.