A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The Second Epistle Of The Apostle Yahchanan
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

2 Yahchanan 1

V1 To the Elder Kuria and her disciples in whom I love and not only I but all who know you.

V2 May the truth remain in you as it is in us and may you follow us into eternity.

V3 May you follow us in loving kindness (grace), mercy and peace which is from Yahovah the Mother and Yahh the Father and from the      Messyah Yahshua who is their son and in the image of Yahh the Father.

V4 We rejoice greatly because of your discovers and as the gestational children of Yahh the Father who are progressing forward by
     keeping the ten commandments.

V5 And I now request from you Elder Kuria not to accept any new written commandment but that you only possess the originals in order
     that you may love one another.

V6 And through love we are able to progress forward in accordance with the ten commandments. Just as we hear and obey these      commandments which are the originals in order that by them we shall progress forward.

V7 For many deceivers have come unto us from this present world order who do not profess the Messyah Yahshua. They are deceivers
     of the flesh and of the anti-messyah.

V8 Discern for yourselves in order that you may not perish. Nevertheless those who bring their works to a completion shall receive a reward.

V9 And all those who do not proceed to remain loyal to the Messyah are not the gestational children of Yahovah and Yahh the Father.

V10 And if someone comes to you without this doctrine do not receive them into your house of worship. And do not accept what they
       have to say.

V11 For those who accept their preaching are a partner to their evil works.

V12 Put not your trust in the many writings of ink and paper but in free-will which you possess. And soon I shall come to you to preach
       face to face in order that our joy may be complete.

V13 Thy sister Adelphe and her disciples salute you and your chosen ones.