A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.



The First Epistle Of The Apostle Yahchanan
by Edward M. Bartlett, Jr.

1 Yahchanan 1

V1 From the beginning, I have understood (to hear) and perceived (to see) who our Messyah was. For my eyes has beheld him and my
     hands has touched him, for he is the living "Word."

V2 And I testify what I have seen of his life which was visible before me. And I proclaim to you that Yahh the Father gives eternal life unto
     those who believe that he existed and was among us.

V3 And I declare to you in order that you may perceive (see) and understand (hear). And moreover that our fellowship may be with Yahh
     the Father and with his son who is Yahshua the Messyah.

V4 And these things are written for us in order that our joy maybe complete.

V5 And this is what I understand (hear) and now declare to you that he was an angel sent by Yahovah. And he came as a light of a lamp to
     shine in the darkness. For through him no one will see eternal death and no one without him can exist.

V6 If you say that your fellowship is in him and you still walk in darkness then you are a liar and there is no truth in you.

V7 Moreover if you walk in the light as I have with the "Light" and you possess the fellowship of one another. Then the blood of Yahshua,
     who is the son of his mother Yahovah, will purify you from all your sins.

V8 If you say that you have never possessed any sin, then you are in self- deception and there is no truth within you.

V9 If we admit our sins then we are trustworthy and in so doing righteousness will have dominion over sin and then we are forgiven of all
     our iniquities.

V10 If you say that you never make mistakes then you are a liar. And the "Word" does not dwell within you.

1 Yahchanan 2

V1 My disciples I write you these things in order that you may not live in error. And if so then you can possess mercy from Yahh the Father
     through our righteous advocate Yahshua the Messyah.

V2 And his atonement sacrifice is about paying for our sins and not about our righteousness. Moreover it is only by invitation and not yet
     for all in this present world order.

V3 For some among you understand this. And if you understand the ten commandments then you will observe and keep them.

V4 Those who say they understand the commandments and do not observe and keep them are liars and there is no truth in them.

V5 Moreover he is the "Word" of Yahovah, who truly came in the flesh to give understanding to those with love and who are being brought
     unto perfection.

V6 And this "Word" dwelt among us and paid our debts. For just as he walked so must we walk in the same manner.

V7 My beloved there are no new commandments that have been written. You have but the original ten commandments which were given in
     the past. For you only have the written commandments of old. Understand and hear this, that the "Word" gave the original commandments
     in ancient times.

V8 Is it true that there are new written commandments among you ? A rewrite of them? And is it because you are being mislead by darkness?
     And now is it the light of the truth which exposes them?

V9 Is their one among you who could speak for the light? And is their hatred now among you towards fellow brethren?

V10 Those who have love for their fellow brethren dwell in the light and are not a stumbling block among them.

V11 Moreover, among you are those who hate their fellow brethren. Do you not perceive that they walk amongst you? And why have they
       departed from the truth? Because darkness has blinded their eyes.

V12 My disciples, I am writing you this because forgiveness of sin is only through the name of Yahshua.

V13 Do you understand the writings of your forefathers? Because you have gone astray from the original writings. But as servants you must
       conquer this evil.

V14 To understand the writings of your forefathers you must be open minded like a child. And through the original writings of your
       forefathers you can get understanding, for it will make a weak servant stronger. Allow the "Word" of Yahovah to dwell within you and
       you shall conquer evil.

V15 Love not this present world order nor those who are a part of it. If someone comes among you that has love for this present world order
       then Yahh the Father is not calling them to be among you.

V16 For many have come among you who crave the forbidden desires of the flesh. And has caused others to focus their attention on these
       forbidden desires. And they are braggarts who boast about the pursuits of worldly riches. And are not of Yahh the Father but are apart
       of this present world order.

V17 And they will mislead you through the forbidden desires of this present world order. Moreover they will hinder your free-will towards the
       indwelling of Yahovah's Spirit and eternal life.

V18 Be open minded like a child and understand because in the latter days an anti-messyah shall come. And now understand this, that
       many anti- messyahs shall exist in the latter days.

V19 And they are not of us, for if they were of us, they would dwell in the truth. For whoever follows us must be of our Messyah in order that
       their fruits be made visible because not all who make claims are of us.

V20 And those who are anointed possess Yahovah's Sacred Spirit and perceive all things.

V21 I am writing because you do not perceive what the truth is because you do not know Yahshua and because of all the falsehood
       coming from you which is not of the truth.

V22 If they are not liars then why do they reject Yahshua? and say he is not the Messyah? Yahh the Father and the Yahshua the son
       reject those who are Anti-Salvation (Anti-Messyah).

V23 Anyone who rejects Yahshua the son does not belong to Yahh the Father. Anyone who professes that Yahshua is the son of Yahovah
       belongs to Yahh the Father.

V24 If from the beginning you heard and understood the truth that dwelt among us first then understand this, that Yahshua dwells in you and        Yahovah's Spirit dwells in you and Yahh the Father dwells in you also.

V25 And eternal life is the promise Yahshua announced to us.

V26 These things I write to you in order that you may not be deceived.

V27 And this is the anointing you received from him that the spirit may dwell in you. For which some of you do not possess and which is a        necessity as is his teachings concerning all of the truth and not the lies which is dwelling in you.

V28 And presently my disciples in order that the Spirit dwells in you, if you possess it, to boldly preach the truth among them and not to be        ashamed by it.

V29 And if you are righteous then you will perceive and understand because everyone who produces righteousness does it through the
       Spirit. And shall one day be spiritually brought forth out of their bodies.

1 Yahchanan 3

V1 In this manner it is made known that Yahh the Father granted his love to us in order that we could become his offspring through Yahovah
     by invitation. Therefore this present world order understands us not because they do not have the power of understanding.

V2 My beloved, at this present time we do not yet appear how we shall be if we are the gestational offspring of Yahovah. But I perceive that
     our appearance shall resemble the angels just as they are.

V3 And anyone who possesses this expectation must bring themselves unto purification just as Yahshua is pure.

V4 And anyone who breaks the law commits sin for sin is lawlessness.

V5 And Yahshua appeared before us in order that sin be made known and so that sin may not exist in us.

V6 Anyone who does not dwell in sin has understanding. Anyone who commits a sin does not perceive that they are nor do they understand it.

V7 My disciples let no one deceive you for those who produce righteousness are righteous just as Yahshua is righteous.

V8 Those who produce sin are of the demonic Elowahh because in the beginning the demonic Elowahh created sin. So therefore they
     manifest it in humanity through their deeds and by this the Elowahh turn people into demons.

V9 Anyone who is spiritually brought forth out of their body by Yahovah can not sin because her spiritual seed (mark) dwells within them.
     And when Yahovah's children rise spiritually out of their bodies, they are incapable of sinning.

V10 There is visible evidence among those who are the gestational offspring of Yahovah and the gestational offspring of the demonic
       Elowahh. Anyone who does not produce righteousness is not of Yahovah and also those who do not have love for their brethren.

V11 For this is the angelic message that you have heard from the beginning that you must love one another.

V12 Just as Cain was created by Ra the evil one but not his neighbor Abel. So why did he turn on his neighbor? Because his deeds were of
       the evil one and moreover his neighbor was righteous.

V13 My brethren do not admire this present world order because they have hatred towards you.

V14 For I perceive that those who love their brethren are marching towards eternal life. And those who do not dwell in love shall be removed
       into eternal death.

V15 Anyone who has hatred for their brethren is a murderer. For they will not possess eternal life because they perceive to murder those
       who dwell among them.

V16 By this understand what love is that Yahshua laid down his life for us and we also owe it to our brethren to lay down our lives for them.

V17 Moreover, How does one depart from the riches of this present world order? For whoever has inner compassion provides the necessities
       of life for their brethren. For this is Yahovah's love that dwells in us.

V18 My disciples love not this present world order nor accept its ways within you.

V19 For from the truth comes understanding and by persuasion it enters our minds.

V20 For if we keep an open mind and allow Yahovah's Spirit to dwell in us then our minds will understand everything.

V21 My brethren if we possess the Spirit of Yahovah then let not our minds be ashamed to boldly preach to others.

V22 And if we receive that which is asked for in prayer then it is because we keep the ten commandments and produce that which is
       acceptable in their presence.

V23 And these commandments were given in order that we love one another and believe in the name of their son and our Messyah Yahshua.

V24 And through the Spirit that dwells within you, you will be able to keep the ten commandments and have understanding. For it dwells
       within us through the granting of Yahovah's Spirit.

1 Yahchanan 4

V1 My beloved, not everyone who believes has the Spirit. But examine their spirits to see if they are of Yahovah because many false brethren      and false prophets will come unto you from this present world order.

V2 Understand this, that anyone who has the Spirit of Yahovah within them will professes by the Spirit that Yahshua is the Messyah and that
     he came from Yahovah and was born into the flesh.

V3 And every spirit which does not profess Yahshua is not from Yahovah and therefore are of the Anti-Messyah which you have heard will
     arise and now already exist among us.

V4 And those who are Yahovah’s children must conquer them because greater is the Spirit in you then is among them.

V5 How will you know if they are of this present world order? By the things that they say which are of this world order. And that those of this      present world order hear and understand them.

V6 Understand this, those who listen to us are Yahovah’s and by her Spirit we understand the truth. And those who are not of Yahovah will
     not listen to us because they are guided by a Spirit of Error.

V7 My beloved, love one another because this love is from Yahovah. And everyone that has this love is of Yahovah and understand that      Yahovah shall spiritually bring them forth out of the body.

V8 Those who do not have this love also do not understand Yahovah because this love is Yahovah’s presence.

V9 For this love is manifested in those of us who are Yahovah’s through her only male offspring who she sent into this present world order
     so that we could receive eternal life.

V10 For this love that exists in us is not our own. For this is the love Yahovah has for us, that she sent her son as an atonement sacrifice
       for our sins.

V11 My beloved if in this manner Yahovah loved us then we must love one another through the forgiveness of past indiscretions.

V12 No one has ever seen Yahovah but if we love one another then Yahovah’s Spirit will dwell in us for her love exists in us for our perfection.

V13 For it dwells within so that we may have understanding and by her Spirit we may be granted eternal life.

V14 And we seen him and bear witness that Yahh the Father appointed and sent his son as a savior to those in this present world order.

V15 And if we believe Yahshua is the son of Yahovah, then Yahovah’s Spirit dwells in us and his truth is in us.

V16 And understand this, we must believe in love in order to possess Yahovah’s Spirit in us. For Yahovah is love and those who dwell in
       her love must have love dwelling in them for this is the indwelling of Yahovah’s Spirit.

V17 Through love we will be brought unto perfection in order that we may possess confidence in the presence of condemnation because
        just as Yahshua faced it so too must we.

V18 For there is no fear in perfection because love possesses the power to cast out fear. For this fear comes from the threat of receiving        persecution. Moreover being filled with fear does not bring about perfection.

V19 For if her love is in us from the beginning then it will guide and protect us.

V20 For some among the brethren claim to have Yahovah’s love but are liars. For if you cannot love one another as brethren then how
       could you claim to know Yahovah which you cannot see nor able to love.

V21 For we have received Yahovah’s ten commandments from Moses in order that we may know that we must have love towards Her and
       our brethren.

1 Yahchanan 5

V1 All who believe that Yahshua is the Messyah shall be spiritually brought forth out of the body by Yahovah. And all who have sibling love      towards one another shall be spiritually brought forth out of the body just as he was spiritually brought forth out of his body.

V2 When we understand in what manner Yahovah loves her gestational offspring then this will increase our love for Yahovah and for keeping      her commandments.

V3 For this is our love for Yahovah that we observe her commandments and that her commandments are not a burden to us.

V4 Everyone who is spiritually brought forth out of the body by Yahovah is victorious over this present world order. And this is our victory
     over this present world order that we have conquered it through our faith.

V5 Moreover if you do not believe that Yahshua existed and that he is the son of Yahovah then how are you to conquer this present world      order?

V6 For these shall arise through Yahshua the Messyah, Raphael by water and Gabriel by fire. For we are not sanctified by the spirit of wind
     only but by water and by fire. These spirits exist to bear witness that the wind spirit of truth exists.

V7 For there are three that bear witness.

V8 The wind spirit of Yahshua and the water spirit of Raphael and the fire spirit of Gabriel and these three are one (united).

V9 If mortals receive their testimony then they receive the testimony of Yahovah which is greater than any. For they exist to bear witness to      Yahovah because their testimony is for her children.

V10 Those who believe this are among the children of Yahovah and bear witness among those who do not believe. For there are liars who
       do not believe in his testimony which is the testimony of Yahovah which is for her children.

V11 And these exist to bear witness to eternal life which is granted to us by Yahovah. And those who have eternal life in them know that
       they exist.

V12 Whoever possesses the Son of truth possesses eternal life. And Yahovah shall not grant eternal life to those who do not possess the
       Son of the truth.

V13 Perceive these things that are written in order that you may possess eternal life by believing in the name of Yahovah's son.

V14 And this is the the confidence we possess in him that if we pray for something in his name with free-will then we will be heard.

V15 For if we perceive that we will be heard and if we pray because of perception then we will possess through prayer that which we pray
       for in his name.

V16 If someone among the brethren has sinned and if it is not a sin that is unto eternal death then pray for them. And eternal life shall be        granted unto them because the sin is not unto eternal death. Do not speak against Yahovah's Spirit for this is the sin that is unto
       eternal death.

V17 Every law violation is sin but not every sin is unto eternal death.

V18 Perceive this, all who are spiritually brought forth from the body by Yahovah do not commit sin because those spiritually brought forth
       from the body by Yahovah keep her laws. And there is no evil attachment in them.

V19 And by our perception we know that we are of Yahovah because all in this present world order lay in the hands of the Elowahh.

V20 Moreover perceive this, those who await the advent of Yahovah' son are granted a truthful mind in order that the Spirit remains in them
       and he in us. For those in Yahshua have Yahovah's truth and eternal life.

V21 My disciples, separate yourselves from the created images of idolatry.