A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


The Apostasia
"Yahh’s divorce of Ra/Satan"

Satan is a name given to an ancient god (el) called Ra. She (Ra) is one of the two wives of Yahh the Father. Her divorce (apostasia) occurs a couple of years before the Messiah’s return. She is a mother goddess of spirits and humans.

1Jn 5:19              Satan*Ra rules the whole world.

Gal 3:22              The whole world is a prisoner of sin*Satan.

Rev 2:13              Satan's throne is on earth.

2Co 4:4               Satan*Ra is the god of this world.

Eph 2:2                Ra rules a kingdom of the air. This is the spirits in the third heaven over the earth.

Eze 28:11-19      She was apart of the government of Yahh (mountain of god). Her conceitedness corrupted her logic.
                              Ra became evil through prostitution, by a trading in merchandise. These scriptures are prophetic and
                              will eventually be fulfilled.

Mt 4:8-9                Satan*Ra tried to seduce the Messyah through prostitution by offering him rulership. Yahshua rebuked
                              her and swore his allegiance to his mother Yahovah.

Col 2:15               The Messiah disarmed Satan*Ra through his sacrifice.

Mt 28:18               The Messiah*Yahshua has been given all authority in heaven and on earth.

Jn 14:2-3              The Messyah*Yahshua awaits and is preparing in heaven for his return.

Lk 19:11-27         The Messiah*Yahshua shall return but not until his servants are tested.

Mt 24:36
              No one knows the day or the hour of his return - not even the angels.

Job 4:18               Yahh*God does charge his angels with error.

Mt 24:43               The owner*Satan's kingdom will be removed without her consent.

Mt 12:25-26         For her kingdom is divided against itself and will go to its destruction.

2Thess 2:1-3       The Messiah does not return until after the Apostasia*divorce occurs in heaven and the man of lawlessness
                              (antichrist) is revealed on earth..

Rev 12:7-9           There was war in heaven – Michael (Yahshua) and his angels fought against Satan*Ra and his angels.
                              Satan lost her place in heaven and was cast down to the earth.

Dan 12:1              The rise of the Archangel Michael (Yahshua) protector of the servants of Yahovah*God.

Lk 10:18               The Messiah prophesied, I saw Satan*Ra fall like lightning from heaven.

Eze 28:16             Satan*Ra is expelled from heaven.

Hag 2:6                 Yahovah*God will in the future shake the heavens and the earth.

Hag 2:21-22         To overturn royal*angelic thrones, which are apart of Satan's kingdom.

Heb 12:26-27       The shaking of the heavens is to remove that which is not stable.

Rev 6:12               The stars*angels in the sky*heaven fell to earth.

Isa 34:4                 All the stars*angels descend on to the earth.

The battle in heaven resumes on earth. Satan*Ra’s son of perdition (antichrist) and the false prophet will battle against the two witnesses, who are the archangels Raphael and Gabriel.