A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


"God of Fire and Violence/Stealing"

Rev 9:1-11        Apollyon the angel of fire who is released from the watery abyss. He brings an old militaristic empire back to life to engage
                           the returning Messiah.

Rev 6:5-6          Apollyon together with Apsinthos is the “Black Horse” which represents an economic and militaristic oppressive alliance.

Rev 13:1-10     The “First Beast” which is given supreme power by the Dragon/Magog is out for world conquest and economic supemecy.

Rev 13:7           This superpower intends to conquer the “Holy Ones” which are the modern descendents of ancient Israel and Judah. These                            descendents reside in the modern nation of Israel, United States, and in the United Kingdom with its Commonwealth of Nations.

Rev 13:12-15   The “Second Beast”-Apsinthos wields the power of the “First Beast”-Apollyon by performing great signs and making fire come                            down upon those who does not submit to its authority. Verse 15 -causing death through spontaneous human combustion.

Rev 13:16-18   The mark of this “First Beast” is on the right hands. This represents the old roman salute which was adopted by the national                            socialist regime of Adolf Hitler. The mark on the hand also represents oppression, tribute/economic support through money
                           and thievery/extortion.

Lev 26:21-22    Yahovah*God does not restrain Apollyon because those who are affected by it refuse to worship and obey “Her”. Apollyon is                            the “Wild Beast” that is unleashed to rob and destroy.


Gen 6:11-13      The earth was previously destroyed by water because of violence.

Ps 11:5              Yahovah*God hates the souls (Nephesh) of those who love violence.

Jer 6:7               Violence and thievery are within those who are wicked (Ra). The wicked are the children of Ra/Satan.

Amo 3:10          Yahovah*God says-Those who store up violence and thievery in their palaces (minds) know not how to do what is right.

Mt 11:12            The “Kingdom of Heaven” has suffered violence and the violent have taken it through thievery (force).

Isa 14:13-14      The strong arm tactics of “Apollyon” and his mother “Ra/Satan”.

Jn 10:8               Yahshua the Messyah said-all who came before me were “Kleptes”(liars) and “Lestes” (thieves) and my sheep do not
                            listen to them.

Eze 45:9            Yahovah commands everyone to put away (remove) violence and thievery (from your actions).

Lev 19:13          Yahovah commands-you shall not defraud or rob anyone.

Ex 20:15           Thou shall not steal.

Ganab is the Hebrew word meaning to steal.
Gannab is the Hebrew word which means to be a thief.

The Elitist

Isa 1:23             The ruling elite of the rebellious (children of Ra/Satan) and are companions of thieves, they love bribes and pursue after                            wealth. They do not provide justice for the oppressed or shelter the defenseless.

Mic 6:12            The rich elite are full of violence and use falsehood to oppress.

Prv 22:22          Do not exploit the poor because they are destitute. And do not oppress the weak in the court of justice.

Isa 10:1-2          Woe to those who enact unjust laws and write oppressive decrees. They deprive the weak of justice and rob the poor of their                            rights. Making widows their plunder and orphans their prey.

Prv 29:24          Whoever is a partner/unites with a thief (Apollyon) hates their own existence for they are cursed and do not recognize it.

Isa 17:14           In the evening sudden terror! Before the sunrise they are gone. This is the inheritance of the thieves and the reward of the                            oppressor.

The Nicolaitans

Nicolaitans is a Greek word which means “Conquest of the People” or “Victory over the People”. This is the oppression of Yahovah*God’s servants (sheep) by an elitist group of ministers. They perpetrate this by forming a “Hierarchical” religious organization which is falsely representing themselves as the true representatives of the “Gospel”.

Rev 2:6              Yahovah*God hates the practices (doctrines) of the “Nicolaitans”.

Acts 20:29-30   I know after I (Apostle Paul) leave savage wolves (Nicolaitans) will come in among the flock and will not spare anyone.
                           From your own members will they arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after themselves.

2Cor2:11           The schemes of “Apollyon” is to take advantage of others. Also 2Cor 11:3-4.

Mt 21:13            The “False Ministers” have made the house of Yahovah*God into a “Den of Thieves”. Also Jer 7:11, Mk 11:17, Lk 19:46.

Zep 3:1-4           Woe to the city (organizations) of oppressors, rebellious and polluted! They obey no one and accepts no correction. They
                            do not trust (have faith) in Yahovah*God and do not draw near to “Her”. Their “Cult Leaders” are roaring lions, their “Ministers”                             like wolves of the evening who leave nothing for the morning. Their “Prophets” are arrogant and are very treacherous and the                             “Ministry of Priest” profane the sanctuary (Assembly) by doing violence (making changes) to the law.

1Cor 6:9-10       The Nicolaitans are thieves who will not enter into “Kingdom of Yahovah*God” through “Eternal Life”.


Rape is not only a physical action but it is also an action that affects the mind. To steal from someone is to rape them of their sense of security. When someone takes advantage of another who is mentally weak it can be called “Rape”. It is a destructive behavior that brings pleasure to the one that is the perpetrator. Psychological rape is when those in authority take advantage of their position of power and the trust of those who put faith in their guidance.

Gen 19:1-29      The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is about the inhabitants of these cities who took pleasure in rapping foreigners or those                             deemed defenseless. It is also the story of what happens to people who indulge in this practice.

Lev 20:13           This scripture was mistranslated it is about the rape of a helpless victim by two perpetrators.

Lev 18:22           This is also mistranslated and is about anyone who rapes a defenseless person.

Dt 21:14             Those who are being taken advantage of- Yahovah commands- that they not be used as “Merchandise” (an object for usury).

2Pe 2:3              Those who desire to possess you through formulated words will make merchandise (Emporeuomai) of you. Their judgment                             shall not be held back and their damnation will not be forgotten. Emporeuomai is a Greek word meaning to traffic in or to
                            use a person.

Dt 24:7               Those who rob others of their dignity (enslavement for gratification) are commanded by Yahovah to be put to death.

1Cor 6:9             This passage in scriptures has been altered slightly in the translation of the word “Arsenokoites” which means to rape.
                            Those who rape the weak will not inherit the “Kingdom of Yahovah”.

Nimrod And The Assyrian Empire

Nimrod was the first to build an empire bent on conquest. He built an alliance with Assyria and Babylon to forge a “One World Government”. This influence has resulted in wave after wave of empires being built in order to enslave and control the economies of the world. Assyria has throughout its history made alliances for the sole purpose of conquering and destroying weaker nations. All for the sake of money and power. In ancient history Assyria absorbed many peoples to strengthen its economic and military advantages in war. The Hittites (Canaanites) are one such group who formed an alliance with them and which disappeared as a recognizable separate people. In the aftermath of the Assyrian Empire’s total defeat and dismemberment these nations who composed this alliance scattered to various parts of Europe. They adopted different names and reappeared under new names. The Assyrians would eventually become the German peoples of Europe and the Hittites/Canaanites would remerge as the Roman/Latin peoples of southern Europe.

Gen 10:8-12       Nimrod a tyrant against Yahovah*God, forges an empire in Mesopotamia.

Gen 11:1-9         Nimrod’s attempt to subjugate all nations at the “Tower of Babel”. This is the first formation of a “One World Government”
                            and it ends in failure.

Gen 14:1-16       An Assyrian attempt to conquer Palestine is defeated by Abraham.

2Ki 15:19-20      King Pul of Assryian Empire invades and conquers parts of the northern Kingdom of Israel. After enslaving and deporting the                              tribes of Reuben, Gad, and eastern portion of Manessah, he withdraws his plans of total conquest after receiving tribute. Also                              1Ch 5:6,25-26 and 2Ki 15:29

2Ki 17:2-6           King Shalmanesar of Assyrian Empire conquers all of the northern Kingdom of Israel. And deports them as slaves to other                              parts of the empire.

2Ki 18:13            King Sennacherib conquers all of the southern Kingdom of Judah except Jerusalem. He also deports the population as
                             slave labor. Also Isa 36:1

2Ki 19:6,10-13   Sennacherib blasphemes Yahovah when he compares “Her” to other gods who he defeated when he conquered various                              nations. Also Isa 36:18 and 2Ki 19:17.

2Ki 19:35-37      Sennacherib’s army is destroyed by Gabryahel (Gabriel) and is murdered by his own family. Also 2Ch 32:21.

Isa 37:11-18       Sennacherib is called a destroyer and he taunts Yahovah*God.

Rev 9:1-11          Apollyon is King over an army compared to locust. Apollyon means destroyer in Greek.

Nah 3:15-18       The Assyrian army is compared to swarms of locust.

Rev 13:3             The “First Beast has a fatal wound but it was healed and all who worshiped this beast asked- Who can make war against him?                              This is the resurrected Assyrian Empire in the form of the European Union (EU).

Nah 3:19             Nothing can heal your (Assyria) wound, your injury is fatal. Everyone who hears the news about you claps their hands at your                              fall, for who has not felt your endless cruelty?

Rev 19:19-20     The “First Beast” is defeated by the returning Messyah-Yahshua and thrown into the lake of fire (Geheena).