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revelations from YHVH*God.


The White Dog
By Edward M. Bartlett Jr.
Copyright 2015

We as humans are a unique species above all others. We have creative genius that is unrivaled upon the face of this planet. We uphold rules of conduct that govern our lives in a society built on constitutional law and collective responsibility. Our potential as a species is limitless and our mental capacity is growing as time evolves. Our only obstacle is the destructive thoughtlessness that derives from an unrestricted human ego.

On January 7th 2014, I saw a ghostly image descend down the steps of my two story row home in Philadelphia. I was watching TV in the living room with my wife when I saw something in my peripheral vision. As I turned my head towards the steps, I witnessed a medium sized white dog descending the steps. I saw it midway on the seventh step as it came down to the bottom at which point it vanished.

Being perplexed by this event I went about investigating the history of those who lived in the house. I talked to several lifelong neighbors and eventually found a clue to this mysterious event. Since moving into this residence I have not noticed any type of ghostly hauntings. But with the newly discovered info a picture and a story evolved to explain the whys.

In the 1970’s a couple lived in that house and they had a medium sized white dog. This animal lived in the shelter of the indoors for most of its life. But for some unexplained reason at some point they decided to keep it outside in the yard. According to the neighbor living next door it howled and cried every day for year before it died. This animal went from being a part of the family to being an outcast stuck in a small yard that was no bigger than a closet.

The cruelty of an ignorant and heartless segment of humanity is something that must be exposed and remedied. The bad karma of those who do illogical things must be a factor when it comes to privileges of an advanced society and basic modern freedoms. If one cannot do that which is logical then one must be restricted to a lessor state until proven otherwise.

It is my belief that for every freedom there must be a restriction to counter the stupidly and blatant arrogance of power hungry tyrants who prey on the defenseless. What is missing in some sections of human society is the factor of social responsibility and common core logic. Human evolution depends on the promotion and enhancement of basic logic. Every child should be schooled in right and wrong and it must include not only moral law but civil law.

Humanity aside from the influence stemming from the intelligent design of the spirit realm is filled with unnecessary cruelty and destructive outcomes. Mistakes do happen and we as a species must overcome them. For the greater good we have a universal duty towards the evolved conscious of some creatures to abide by rules to ensure their survival and further evolution. In the end what if we were the defenseless victims of something greater than us that all of a sudden descended down upon our world and imposed its ignorant thoughtless rule?