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The Story of Eve
By Edward M. Bartlett Jr.
Copyright 2016

Eve is a subject matter that deals with the so-called Biblical creation of the first female. It is not an accurate storyline and has ultimately contributed to a gender biased society. The misinformation in the suppose infallible Bible has given credence to a male dominated system that is unnatural and opposed by the Spirit Realm. These ideas have clouded the minds of many good hearted people over the centuries. Any voice of reasoning and spiritual connection has the divine right to challenge the tools of propaganda that keep the doors of truth locked.

You can personally read the storyline in the Bible just turn to Genesis 2:18-25. If you were to break down the Hebrew words used in this passage you would understand how a different version can be formulated and written in English. The truth is that Adam gave birth to Eve through his own vagina using his own sperm. Adam was physically a binary gender or unigender human which some call hermaphroditism. Once you accept this then you will understand many questionable events in the Bible like the “virginal birth story” of Mary. There is multiple evidence in the plant and animal world that supports self-production. All you have to do is research it for yourself.

Eve in Hebrew means “life” or “to live, love, laugh” and she was given this name by Adam to honor the Cherub Yahovah. All Eve knew was from Adam and when she was young she was obedient. In time as she grew older she was apparently philosophically challenged by another god who offered a greater future and more freedom. On her own accord in conjunction with free-will she chose a different path than Adam’s. When this was discovered there was friction but ultimately no serious consequences came of it. Neither one sinned or created a schism between man and god. In the end Adam followed his god and Eve followed hers.

When biased humans got ahold of the story it was twisted to fit a narrative of male supremacy. Eve’s name was twisted and corrupted to form new words to support this biased agenda and the truth was covered over by the corrosion of time and multiple translations. An example of the hidden agenda in words created with a bias just look at the words love, live and evil. In English when someone did something considered horrible they used the word “evil” to describe the act and person. Evil comes from two Hebrew words “Eve” and “El.” El means god and is singular. So evil really means “the god who Eve chose” or “Eve’s god” whereas “live” or “love” comes from the “El of Eve” or “the god who created Eve.”

Keep in mind that there are many corrupt words incorporated into the English language as a means of mental and spiritual control. The main focal point is that these three words “live, love and evil” are emotionally based and have the most effect on human consciousness. The fact is that if the words used to construct your consciousness is based on lies then it is your spirit that ultimately suffers in the end. A mind built on illusion cannot evolve nor have an impact on the environment that surrounds it. It cannot progress because the lie has rendered the spirit powerless.

Ultimately Eve chose her own path and created a Matriarchal society based on her god. She gave us in the enlighten world the idea that there is choice based on free-will and that there is a pantheon of gods to have as mentors. Yahh is the main source of all power which makes “IT” untouchable and unreachable by humanity without a mentor, mediator or a savior. We have the freedom to choose which god to follow and the systems they left behind through their prophets. It is said to say there are many religions to which anyone can look too but there are none that haven’t been hindered by small group of deceivers bent on selfish dominion.

Your life is in your hands, nothing is achieved unless worked hard for. We must not remain docile nor accept the traditions handed down that reflect flaws. We must fight on so that we evolve into our “divine potential.” In finality no one has the right to shut the “doors of truth” nor hinder the “progressive evolution” that can propel us beyond our last breath.