A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Silent Secrets

Some things are best swept under the rug than left out in the open. Words can do harm to those who are unable to cope with stress. Gaining insight into the future does have its rewards; but it all depends on the outcome. For those with unfavorable futures it’s understandably not something they want to hear. Life can be hard at times and downright cruel; but it’s all in how you handle it. Dwelling too much on the negative can make one negate the positive aspects of life. In the end negativity becomes detrimental to one’s overall health and if left unchecked it can lead to incapacitation. Negativity is a mental disease that damages the soul and destroys human consciousness.

On June 9th 2014 at about 12:30 pm, I received information from a paranormal source and I decided to keep it to myself. I was traveling by train from Philly to Atlantic City with my wife. We conversed for a bit before settling in to enjoy the hour or so trip. So when not doing anything I tend to meditate and reflect. As I was sitting there concentrating, I heard an inner voice say “he is near death.” Thinking to myself “that was odd” because it seemed not to pertain to anyone around me. A couple of minutes later I hear “it’s him” and right after that was said, a heavy-set older man brushed me from behind. He was on his way to the restroom. He looked terribly sick and ready to heave over. Amazed by this event I pondered the meaning of this communique.

In today’s society some people take things the wrong way regardless of your intentions. A harsh reaction is expected with this info because it may be interpreted as intimidation or harassment. Either way I believe I was being tested by the Spirits to see if I would use proper judgment. I believe this info would not have made a difference to him. Then again he could have known and then I would be just pointing out the obvious. He was better off without my interference because it could have done more harm than good. Many people are not open to a discussion with those who have psychic-medium abilities, so discretion must rule the day. Secrets are a human necessity so that we are able to peacefully coexist. Silence brings stability when everything else fails.

Copyright 2014 Edward M. Bartlett Jr.