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Silent Regrets

The spirit realm is a taboo subject for many people because of religious indoctrination and stigma. It may instill a sense of fear and or excitement. Some naïve people even ridicule it as pure nonsense. But I believe their perception is based solely on ignorance. No matter what one’s outlook is, the fact remains that there are many people who have experienced a paranormal event. And these cases have left many people with more questions than answers.

A paranormal event is either a glimpse into a hidden world or a scene from the past, present or future. The spirit realm is a complex environment filled with entities of various degrees and status. Apparitions will seek out someone with a unique awareness in order to communicate. Once they have located an individual with an enhanced spiritual focus then they initiate the use of that person as an intermediary.

When one dies their spirit-soul departs from the body. I believe what occurs next is clearly defined by one’s own track record. In an evolutionary perspective a spirit-soul is like a plant in our ecosystem when compared to higher spirit forms. The average soul is at the bottom of the spirit dimension and very weak. Not all ghosts can speak nor do they all have mobility. As with asteroids floating in space, a soul will orbit around those with an abundance of spirit energy like a type of electromagnetic field. If reincarnation or elevation does not occur at death then one is stuck in limbo. They will gravitate towards whatever one was most attached to in life. This could be a loved one, an institution, building or an area.

During the early afternoon hours of December 18, 2013 a brief bewildering event occurred that gave additional evidence to my theories. It was a brisk Philly Wednesday and I was at one of my spiritual hot spots; a Starbucks coffee store at 16th and Walnut streets. I was enjoying a brew with a note pad handy when a faint image appeared to me. In a flash it appeared and then it was gone.

It was a ghostly figure of a hefty middle-aged man dressed in olive military garb. He was standing in the center of the lounge floor facing me with his right arm stretched out. He used his thumb and the two adjacent fingers to point in the direction of a young man who was sitting alone at a table with his head buried in a laptop. This kid was one of many students of Middle Eastern descent who frequented this place in the afternoon. The only thing that stood out about him was his puffy blue vest.

Clearly both human and ghost were related because they had common facial features. It could have been his father, uncle or older brother. The demeanor of the ghost reflected disappointment and sadness. I sensed that he had unfinished business and wanted to communicate something very important to this young man. He had unspoken words that lingered within which haunted his consciousness.

A mystery keeps one guessing when answers are a luxury and clarity takes it’s time. Suffice it to say, you never know when your last day arrives. Don’t take for granted the moments in time when opportunity presents itself. It is better to have an open dialog in the present than to have regrets in the next. The last word spoken today may be the last one you leave behind.

Copyright 2014 Edward M. Bartlett Jr.