A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Obedience and Comfort

The whole of creation is in motion; if one cares then they will succeed. In the beginning humans were mere thoughtless apes of instinct. They aimlessly wandered about and pursued only the passions of the body. Then the gods of another dimension looked down upon this chaos and said “let us rain down upon them thoughts that will give them intelligence.” Sometime afterwards they looked again at earth’s state and found only a few had actually listened and enacted change. To achieve the desired condition for future elevations they sent forth some of their own kind to dwell among us. Some people can pick up a sound from a distance but others need it whispered in the ear.

On 7/8/14 I was told to “listen and procure” my wife’s demands for a new air-conditioner. The old one malfunctioned and stopped working the previous night; and the fan did not provide enough cool air for her. She didn’t want to go through another uncomfortable night without a new one in its place.

So I decided to get a new air-conditioner at a Home Depot store. There was one on Oregon Avenue near the gym I frequent in South Philly. Along the way to the gym I got a message from a spirit-guide that stated “ask, he will help you.” Well I had already decided to get a relative or a taxicab to help with the task so this statement puzzled me. So I asked the spirit who? And it said “the first one you ask.”

Not knowing the point of this I proceeded to the gym to get in a good workout. Afterwards I headed over to the store but along the way I got another message which stated “offer forty dollars.” Putting these messages aside I went in and picked out a unit. Before purchasing it I wanted to call around to see if anyone was available to help me take it home. As I was calling around I noticed the cell-phone had exhausted most of the battery. I made one last call to my wife so that she could send a taxicab to my location. But before I could give a location the phone died. Being perplexed by this situation I pressed forward knowing that this is what had to be done regardless of obstacles. I made up my mind to buy the unit and if I couldn’t get it home then I would just return it.

Upon exiting the store I noticed that there were a lot of contractors standing next to their pickup trucks in the lot. I thought that surely one of these guys could help me but I didn’t know whom to ask. So I asked the spirit-guide which of these men I should ask. It stated “none,” then it said “him, to the right.” There was only one person to my right and he was walking in my direction while talking on a cell-phone. I did not see him get out of a vehicle so I was not sure if he could help. But I gave in to the confidence I have developed over time in the spirit’s inclination. As he neared me I stepped forward and asked him if he could help. I told him of my predicament and I offered him forty dollars. He asked me for a receipt and then he questioned my logic in spending so much on an item and not having a clear plan on getting it home. I explained to him all options have failed and I restated my offer. He said if I’m still waiting outside when he comes out then he will help me. So I waited for him to come out because the spirit must have had confidence in him in order to include him in their plan.

It is possible I could have asked someone else but what if they wanted more than forty dollars? Or if they did help, once the unit was loaded on the truck they could have just merely driven off without me? The world is filled with phony people and it is hard to find someone who truly cares and is trustworthy. The god in whom many people claim to worship is in fact their own egos which they have placed on the pedestal called “me.”

Once he came out of the store he asked me where I lived. Then we proceeded to his vehicle which turned out to be a small car. After loading it in the back I asked his name which he said was Hannah. Later I would look up its Hebrew/Arabic meaning and find that it means to show compassion, sympathy and favor. He told me he was a Coptic-Christian from Egypt and has been living in Philadelphia for fifteen years.

When we got back to my house he spotted the old air-condition unit and inquired about fixing it. I let him look at it and he agreed with my assessment that it was unfixable. Before leaving he took a section from the unit that may come in handy for him in the future. I was very thankful for his help that day and I wouldn’t have meet him unless compelled by an invisible hand which aligned the event to occur.

Sometimes one must listen to a different perception in order to gain wisdom. We learn by acting on logic’s pronouncements. Let go of the tide of self-defeatism which renders no one safe in its pursuit of egotism.

Copyright 2014 Edward M. Bartlett Jr.