A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Fierce Continuum
By Edward M. Bartlett Jr.
Copyright 2015

If one wants to understand the things which they do not then one must have an unbiased mind to that which is strange and new. An open mind and an objective attitude is the key to opening the paranormal door that leads to the answers we all crave. By breaking the chains of religious indoctrination one can achieve an understanding far beyond the norm. All it takes is a strong inner desire and a continuous mental focus on questioning that which everyone assumes is correct.

What the mind believes the body will follow. The boogie man does not exist nor does the classical idea of God versus Satan. The reward of heaven and the eternal punishment of hell are also mere fabrications. These ideas are like a virus inside of the human mind, a Trojan horse that is designed to stifle spiritual growth and future elevation. The tenets of many monotheistic religions have stipulations that are designed to entice the mind to blindly obey. These ideas are fear driven and are propagated by religious institutions to hinder and silence spirituality.

A conquered mind leads to a controlled population. If you control how the mind thinks than you control the spirit energy emanating from the soul. We all have free-will but when we allow unproven ideas to interfere with our logic then that free-will gives way to blind obedience and spiritual slavery. If a preconceived idea controls your mind instead of your own perception which comes from the knowledge acquired from your own basic senses than the idea has the control not you.

If you didn’t speak your mind when alive then you will not in the next. If you didn’t challenge the illogic notions of the ignorant when presented with the opportunity then you might not get another chance to do so in the after-life. Going along just to get along is a dangerous blotch left on the soul of those who go out of their way to appease everyone. To do what is right and logical as opposed to just doing nothing is the desire of those beyond. Build the power within and you will spread your wings in the next.

It is an awkward event when a vision comes along and it hits close to home. Especially when it is about a relative who you haven’t kept in touch much with over the years. It happened on an early Monday morning right after getting through a scrying session for lottery numbers. On October 7th 2013, I got a phone call from my sister Cindy informing me my cousin Annette Martina had passed away the previous day. My sister couldn’t give any details because she was calling from work. After getting off the phone I immediately went into a trance which lasted a couple of seconds.

In the vision I was viewing a scene from a corner of a room near a bureau. I saw my cousin standing next to a bed. She was pointing down at it with her right hand. As she was facing me she let out a few words and then the vision abruptly came to an end. Her message from beyond was “don’t let him get the box” and the words “money” and “jewelry.”

She sounded very adamant but I was clueless about whom or what she was talking about. Not knowing about her situation I had to relay this information to my sister Cindy later that week. But even she didn’t know the circumstance. I had to wait until the day of the funeral in order to find out the whole story.

Initially I assumed that the jewelry and money were together in a box under the bed. But Annette’s older sister Bernadette filled in the blanks and it all came together. The boyfriend got into her apartment before anyone else in the family and removed the box of jewelry. The box of money was in a safe deposit box at the bank which he couldn’t get access to. Her pointing down at the bed was in fact where she passed away. In the end some of the jewelry was later returned and thankfully the money went where she wanted it to go.

My cousin was young at the time of her death and it came as a total surprise to everyone. She was an adventurous type, a free-spirit who was very outgoing and friendly. Annette spoke her mind in life and beyond in her death. She would later that year give me another message from beyond while doing channeling work. I believe her message vocalized her desire to reincarnate and have another try at it. In a strong echoing tone of voice I heard her say, “I’m coming back.” Apparently death cannot silence a determined progressive soul of resilience.