A Servant of Yhvh

revelations from YHVH*God.


Exploration and Discovery

Though we see reality through our own eyes we may not comprehend the totality of consciousness. The truths we hold today might be someone else’s constructed fantasy. The law of chaos gives everyone the right to believe as they see fit. The conscious mind is like a limitless sponge, it will absorb everything that is put before it. The only restriction it has is the one we place on it.

Presently our mental state is based on a reality super imposed upon it by various unseen forces. This influence stems from a human and or spirit source which may be beneficial or detrimental in its purpose. If one is given hidden knowledge and it is applied then one can elevate their spiritual state through exercising super consciousness. If one accepts a falsehood and regurgitates it then one’s consciousness becomes enslaved by it. The convoluted spell renders that person spiritually powerless and their energy is absorbed by its creator.

If we accept something as truth and propel it as such then it becomes a part of our reality. By believing in it and acting upon it we empower it. Ultimately our actions are dictated by what we presume to believe. And if we ignorantly accept a false narrative and follow its convolution then we are to blame for its altering of our reality.

In order to remove the veil of deception, we must first acknowledge its existence. This takes humility because it is the ego that sustains the spell. Next, one must unlock the delusional that they call reality. This is accomplished by question everything that we have come to know as truth. We must not accept anything that requires blind obedience and absolute faith. In the end if it does not add up then it must be wrong.

To open the spiritual doors to conscious elevation one must employ logic over emotion. What you hold dear to you and your sanity maybe the one item that keeps you enslaved to ignorance. Everything has a purpose and its intent must be rationalized. One must not base their existence on faith, especially if it requires blind obedience to meaningless doctrines of control.

This is an account of my journey into the unknown. It began around March of 2013 when I was prophetically told to “seek and you will find us.” As I walked through center city Philadelphia I picked up on vibrations coming from the surrounding streets. As I listened to the influence of various entities, I went in that direction to investigate. I traveled wherever the spirit magnetism pulled me. These spirits called out to me from different directions, I heard “go this way” and “I am here.” I would ask “where” when confronted by an intersection and they would respond “this one” as I gazed in a certain direction.

They led me to areas in Old City that I have never been before. In all my years in Philly I had no reason or purpose to visit these streets and now I am being compelled to do so. Upon entering a street sometimes a spirit would show me a brief glimpse into the past. And sometimes I found cautious entities that didn’t provide anything other than their signature energy. Even though every location was different, they each had a message to be conveyed.

As I returned to those same locations in future trips the spirits would provide more info about what I had seen. Over time I gained their trust and in return they allowed me to see their forms. I learned from these experiences that they love patches of city dwellings that have trees and plants. The most powerful of these entities have stretches of territory that encompass many city streets. And they project their positive influence only over the surrounding inhabitance of these areas. These locations are near houses of worship, cemeteries and social services. And their overall focus is the protection of women and children and the support needed for society’s weakest members.

They call themselves “The Watchers” and their mission is human evolution. They have a shepherd’s mentality towards humanity and seek to preserve its safety and wellbeing. The Watchers projected an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and in return they bask in the glow of human happiness. They seek to do no harm but only to help humanity achieve its ultimate goal of divine elevation.

The Watchers seek a society built on an agrarian utopia that promotes human-spirit integration. Human ignorance over the centuries has hindered their purpose and so they desire a rectification of conditions. They seek a unity of direction that will steer humanity into spiritual elevation based on mutual co-existence. They desire an end to strife which keeps humanity in decay and an end to that which causes environmental destabilization. They also seek an end to the ignorance that has excluded them from the honor which they deserve as earth’s guardians.

The only way things will ever change for humanity is if it awakened to the charade. Then they would overthrow the captivity that hinders their consciousness. The Watchers envision a wonderful future for humanity and this will only take place when people acknowledge that they exist. An enduring success will occur when humanity finally agrees to cooperate with the Watchers for the benefit and survival of the planet. This great optimism that wells up from within these entities can only go so far. It is up to humanity to do its part in the larger picture of intelligent design; or its fate will rest in the ashes of chaos from whence it came.

Copyright 2014 Edward M. Bartlett Jr.