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revelations from YHVH*God.


The Beauty in Black

April first of 2014 was just another Tuesday morning in Philly but as always things unexpectedly happen when you are connected to the spirit realm. Knowing things before they happen is a fact of life for a psychic-medium, so surprises are truly welcomed. After getting through my normal morning routine chores, I went to visit one of my favorite Starbuck’s coffee stores at 16th and Walnut Streets.

As I was sitting across from one of my favorite cushy chairs, I came across an aberration that lasted but a split second. I saw a young woman sitting to my left by the window. She was wearing an all-black outfit with painted red finger nails. By her feet was a matching black bag. She was enjoying some kind of coffee eye-opener drink and playing iphone tag. Standing next to her was a spirit figure identical in facial features but older. This ghost was a middle-aged woman with long flowing black hair. She was dressed in a long metallic grayish-blue dress and had a look of contentment on her face that seemed to beam with joy. She looked at me and then at the young woman with a glowing smile and then she vanished.

As always I had to replay the event in my mind to analyze its meaning. This young woman could have a recent deceased family member whether mother or grandmother who was looking after her. Or it could have been a type of angelic family-familiar; in either case it allowed me to see its inner workings. Whoever it happens to be, one can clearly see that its intent is of a protective and good nature. The spirit stood over the young lady like a guardian angel as it was putting out positive vibes through her radiant smiles. So in the end there was no need for me to disturb the atmosphere with an inquiring mind. Sometimes the pond is beautiful without ripples.

Copyright 2014 Edward M. Bartlett Jr.